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In this short piece, Sita Ram Goel continues with his exposition on Communism. He tells what the major faults of communism are and how a spiritual outlook can help diffuse the spectre of communism. These two articles, taken from the brilliant work “Genesis and Growth of Nehruism”are still relevant in view of the dominance of the left-liberals.

Idealism vs. Dialectical Materialism – A Cold War – 2

Opposition to Communism has never been and shall never be a mechanical concomitant of any class, or social status, or nation, or creed, or interest. Every class, every social status, every nation, every creed, and every interest will become an opponent of Communism the moment it becomes conscious of certain moral and spiritual values which ought not to be sacrificed in exchange for any amount of material good or political benefit.

And every class, every social status, every nation, every creed, and every interest has cooperated and will continue to cooperate with Communism so long as it takes resort to expediency for securing selfish gain, and is prepared to sacrifice moral and spiritual values in exchange for its own temporary survival or the destruction of its temporary enemies.

So far Communism has been opposed only by isolated individuals and groups who have done so mostly at the cost of their reputation in the communities to which they have belonged. A history of these heroes and their endless endeavour has still to be written. The scholars of the so-called free world have no time to spare for such a study because they are more than busy in their studies of the Soviet Union, its Satellites, and its paid puppets all over the world.

The libraries and reading rooms of the free world are loaded with surveys, statistics, specialised monographs, brochures and bulletins, all of them brooding over the least little detail regarding communist countries, communist conspiracies, and communist crimes. The “bourgeois” press reserves all its headlines for communist hooliganism in every walk of life, in all parts of the world. It pays no heed to efforts aimed at stopping that hooliganism. But if a study of anti-communist effort is ever undertaken, it will reveal unmistakably that the courage to oppose Communism has always been the concomitant of some moral and spiritual spark, and seldom a companion of man’s craving for cash or creature comforts.

The spark will become a blazing fire at the touch of a spiritual world-view. And India is the land which has been specially chosen for such momentous missions all through human history. For, India is the home of Sanâtana Dharma, a world-view which is at once eternal and universally valid. All other spiritual world-views have imprisoned themselves within the confines of a particular book, or a particular prophet, or a particular church. Sanâtana Dharma alone rises above all sectarian semantics and sophistry, and takes us straight into that sunshine of the Supreme Spirit which has sanctioned the rise and spread of Communism, and which will sanction its death and destruction as well. Let us start that dharma yuddha in the dharma kshetra that is Bharatavarsha.

India is Kurukshetra too, the battle-field on which the moral and spiritual intuitions and imperatives of man’s higher nature must manifest themselves into concrete and coherent action. Let the spirit of Sanâtana Dharma re-awaken and spread once more in the land of its first though immemorial dawns. Let us look at Pandit Nehru and his hoodlums from the vantage point of that spirit. Then we shall see immediately as to who is the arch-villain in this dismal drama, and stop wasting our time and energy in weeping and whining against mere minions like Comrade Krishna Menon.