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Ṛtu Vidya

This course is based on the books ‘Ṛtu Vidya’ and ‘Women & Sabarimala’ by Sinu Joseph. This course uses the framework of women’s menstrual health to revive the Bhāratiya Jñāna Paramparā.

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Ancient Agricultural Systems of Bharat - By Ravi Singh Choudhary #IndicTalks

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Listen to the Finest Minds of Indic Renaissance

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Read the Greatest scholars of Indian Culture

Fountain pens are friends again on ‘World Fountain Pen Day’!

As the human world is being swept by artificial intelligence (AI) lending even typing redundant, the reappearance of writing with fountain pens underscores the permanence of continuity. Although one cannot go down the same flowing river twice, we still call it by the ‘name river’ and still use the water to quench our thirst.

The Philosophy of History

The collapse of communism and the obvious failure of the framework to explain most events has led to its sharp decline in the twenty-first century. This has opened up the field to other philosophical frameworks…Viewed from the complex adaptive perspective, history flows from the constant interaction of factors including technological innovation, geography and nature, grand social and economic forces, the actions of great individuals but also of not-so-great individuals, culture and ideology, pure chance and, who knows, perhaps even the occasional divine intervention.

How Hindus influenced ancient Cambodia

The people of Kamboja knew the entire Hindu pantheon of Puranic deities with innumerable names as in India. They were even familiar with the mystic philosophy of Upanisads and the magical Tantric rites. …That the spread of Indian culture abroad did not result in the suppression of the indigenous style of life, but rather led to its transformation in new pattern is borne out by the most notable evidence of the reconciliation of the native and Indian cultural materials in the cult of Devaraja.


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