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Listen to the Finest Minds of Indic Renaissance

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Listen to the Finest Minds of Indic Renaissance

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Read the Greatest scholars of Indian Culture

A Historian’s Prophecy

Read this interesting prophecy of Historian Vincent Smith who believed that “Caste and Hinduism are integral, not separate, and it is impossible to destroy the caste system as long as Hindus want to remain Hindus. If caste has been alive for more than three thousand years, it is because it is beneficial to Hindus and has become a part of their nature.”

Is Shakti Force?

We often tend to assume that Shakti is represented by force alone but is there something deeper to the worship of Shakti. Sir John Woodroffe explains here.

Most Hindus Are Not Aware Of Hindu Massacres And Ethnic Cleansing

In this article, Purnima Nath explains why Hindus have not been safe in their own land of India for over thousand years and why they need to rise now to defend their dharma.


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