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An interesting buzzword circulating in the streets this week is propagated by so-called “star” scholars of top universities in the United States, hiding behind the smokescreen of ‘Academic Freedom’, pretending to be the victims and savior, while propagating well-orchestrated and impressively coordinated propaganda of Hindu-Hate.


In the west, supporters of brutally ferocious Islamic terrorism, heinous radical extremism, supremacist political fanaticism, and expansionism are propagating HINDU-HATE. Preparation of a deathbed is underway to justify HATE CRIMES AGAINST HINDUS right here in America. U.S. universities are NOT acting alone. Their radical partners, collaborators, supporters, donors, propagators, proselytizers (from abroad, especially India) are ASSISTING IN DEMONIZING, DEMORALIZING, DEFAMING, DISPLACING, DEHUMANIZING, DISMANTLING HINDUS, HINDU CIVILIZATION, AND HINDU CULTURE. The Indian government is aloof, and unable to protect Hindus, and the oldest surviving Hindu civilization, Hindu culture, Hindu traditions, and Hindu heritage. A desperate situation the global Hindus are being pushed into. #HinduGenocide.

An interesting buzzword circulating in the streets this week is propagated by so-called “star” scholars of top universities in the United States, hiding behind the smokescreen of ‘Academic Freedom’, pretending to be the victims and savior, while propagating well-orchestrated and impressively coordinated propaganda of Hindu-Hate. The perpetrators are not ashamed of wearing their identity of European white Christian and Abrahamic supremacy in their sleeves proudly. A flyer showing uprooting the saffron-clothed Hindus (as a nail) with a hammer is quite INTIMIDATING. Honestly terrifying. They called it “Dismantling Global Hindutva”. Hashtag #DGH will be used hereafter. You must have heard about it – it is making the rounds on social media. Brilliantly packaged with attractive keywords favored by the darling left, promoted by the brand name ivy leagues, the elite stage is set to take the Hindus to their grave once again with this concerted PROFOUND CONSPIRACY “Conquest of the Hind, India 2.0”. 

Before diving into the issue let’s note that none of the 5 so-called South Asian “Indian American ” legislators issued any statement against this Hinduphobic agenda in America. None of the top so-called Indian-American CEOs of top companies (who apparently are ruling the world) raised a red flag. If a conference named “Eid Against Animal Slaughter, Climate Change, Global Islamic Terrorism & Jihad” came along, do you think the LEFT cabal would not have penalized the organizers, shutting down the conference, threatening to blow up the speakers? How many statements and RIOTS by activists, media, corporations, politicians would you have seen by now? Can you imagine the scenario? To refresh our memory, let me ask you a few questions. Can you name one Hindu Prime Minister and Hindu President of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh? Can you name one Hindu Prime Minister and President in any of the 56 Islamic Countries? Remember what happened in Bangalore recently by the human-chain for a social media response? What did they do to Bengali Hindus in Noakhali in 1946? What did they do to Kashmiri Hindus in 1990? What did they do to Somnath temple? What is happening in West Bengal, Kerala, Delhi…place your city here!

South Asian Scholar Activists Collective, in short SASAC – yes you heard it right – SELF-APPOINTED SCHOLAR-ACTIVISTS, the God-sent “SAVIORS OF HINDUS” are truly worried about the existence of Hindus, and they must save Hindus from Hindu extremists. These American Leftist-Islamists-Christianists bunch is hellbent on redefining what Hinduism is, what Hindutva is, and even dictating who Hindus are or should be. They want to own the stage. They want to own the narrative like always.

I feel like we have been transported back to the plot of 1608. That unfortunate day of Aug 24th, when a “simple” trading company, chartered by British Queen Elizabeth, East India Company (BEIC), entered India’s land through the port of Surat, Gujrat. Money & power-hungry to get their own trading post, not-so-innocent Communist-Christianists travelled thousands of miles just to put their hands on the riches and wealth of India. The zeal of greed in their eyes can be imagined from the farthest corner of the earth if you would momentarily close your eyes. The magnitude of the loot can be experienced even today – you just need to make a short visit to the Kohinoor in the London Museum. Notice, even at that time, so-called rich and wealthy Islamic rulers, popularly known as “Mughals”, were UNABLE to erase Hindus & convert India into an Islamic state despite their extreme violence, threats, jizya (taxation imposed on non-Muslims), and humiliation tactics and intimidations. A matter worth looking further into.


Who are these foreigners of foreign religious faith from foreign countries with an expansionist agenda to dictate Hindus? Essentially, who are these non-Hindus preaching to the world who Hindus ought to be? Who appointed them in this superior position to dictate Hindus? Who are they to set a narrative for Hindus, or even who the Hindus are, or what Hinduism or Hindutva is? Why did the universities who pulled their logos out of the #DGH conference not take any legal action when they expressed that the organizers of the conference did not use their logos with consent or in some cases, universities were unaware of their logos being used? Why are they supporting a conference that is attacking Hindus in America under the veil of ‘academic freedom’? Who is sponsoring the conference? Who are the anonymous organizers?

Do they really think they can enslave innocent Hindus again using cheap tactics of intimidation, threats, shaming, cancelling? Do they truly think captivated brown sepoy hungry of western recognition, position, wealth, job can infiltrate through the system effectively denouncing Hindus into ignorant, stupid, inferior slave class unworthy of life, while misusing Hindus tolerant nature? 


It looks like the goal of “conquest of the Hind” is finally in sight. Especially at a time when the Afghanistan conquest by the Islamic terrorists Taliban is a reality now, after ousting the democracy-lover westerners? Was President Joe Biden Afghanistan surrender “planned” effort to destabilize the region and simultaneously create an unvetted “Islamic refugee chaos” in the west? Look at the image & read the link. The timing of these events is raising eyebrows.

Persian Sufi “Scholar” Shah Nimatullah Wali, with deep knowledge of Qur’an & Hadith, predicted the 2nd Kana Zahooqa – 81st year of Pakistan creation, aligned with 81st ayat. The future of Pakistan depends on the prediction of the “peaceful” saint Sufi scholar. Alliance of Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Haqqani, ISIS, Pakistan ISI is working tirelessly to lay the bed for ‘Conquest of the Hind, India 2.0’,popularly known as #GhazwaEHind, a full-fledged goal of Islamization of Hind, i.e., India – an unfulfilled dream that is shared by all three types of perpetrators, Marxists, Islamists & Christianists respectively. Raising the flag of Pakistan in Delhi is almost a practicality. Dream of conquest of the Hind is almost a reality. Only caveat – Kashmir.

Accomplished, celebrated, decorated, and awarded Sanskrit Scholar and Indologist Friedrich Max Müller, one of the founders of studies of India and religions of India in the west, a German-born British agent, employed in 1847 to translate Vedas was given a fine task by BEIC. The supreme goal is to ensure Hindus must lose faith in Hinduism. As a Christianists, Müller’s goal was to convert India into a Christian country. He referred to India as a ‘ripe’ country for conversion, but to his amazement, Hindus were not easily converted. Nevertheless, a perfect match was made in heaven between Müller and The BEIC. Müller realized Sanskrit was the soul of India. And he needed to learn it to shatter India’s spirit, but wanted to do it in stealth mode. And, his wish was granted by his masters. No work is free, and Müller was paid heftily for his work.

It is said that according to the statistical information given on page 214 of the “English Education, 1798-1902” by John William Adamson, printed by Cambridge University Press in 1930, the revised scale of a male teacher was £90 per year and for a woman, £60 in 1853. Around 2015, the salary of a teacher in London is £14,000 to £36,000 per year, which averages a minimum of at least 200 times increase in the last 146 years. Creating narratives of India in his western Christian supremacist lens grabbed him £4 per sheet (equivalent to £800 per sheet as of 1999) – quite the demand I imagine. As you noticed, the task was massively important for the British – British top-pounds were well-spent. 7 decades after the independence of India from the British, dandelions of the underground agenda start to emerge with new zeal and passion. It is extremely hard to neglect such a striking resemblance of federal-grant paid “South Asian” scholar-activists with a focused mission lurking in American universities attempting to take on the unfinished business of “Conquest of the Hind, India 2.0” once and for all. This time America is in the driver’s seat, not the Germans or Englishmen. 

Indology – the study of Indian civilization, and studies of religions of India are being led by foreigners. UTTER HYPOCRISY IS INCREDIBLE. Who must be blamed for this?


“No, Hindus did not ruin the iconic twin towers of New York on 9/11. No, Hindus did not hijack the planes. No, Hindus did not fly the hijacked flights into the pentagon. No, Hindus did not blow themselves up killing thousands of innocent lives chanting a war cry either. Then why are the Hindus being particularly targeted and maligned? Why on earth Hindus have become some kind of “extremist focal point” completely over-shadowing Islamic Terrorists/Islamic terrorism and murderous attack of 9/11? Why is there no conversation around Islamic terrorism? When did the narrative change? Who is behind this sinister plot?” 

Every single day, Hindus are being hit by social issues targeting Hindu Americans one after another, non-stop. Enormous anger and uproar are being witnessed in the Hindu community – which is a great thing. Suddenly the Hindus are scrambling haphazardly, trying to put together the definition of Hindutva…some are even justifying the separation of Hinduism from Hindutva. Awkwardly enough Hindus find themselves in the middle of a strategic attack on their existence, YET AGAIN.

A brilliant agenda of labeling Hindus as notorious radical extremists is a total and complete BUT ABSOLUTELY UNSUCCESSFUL deflection from the colossal narrative of radical Islamic terrorism and deceptive Christian missionary agenda. On top of this, their claims are FALSE, baseless, and utterly disgusting. This is a complete sham, lie, and fraud. As Hindus define “what Hinduphobia is”, these “so-called scholar-activists” infamous Hindu-haters had effectively negated the existence of #Hinduphobia itself. Their blatant dismissal of the fact that Hinduphobia exists does not hide the truth – this #DGH conference itself is proof of Hinduphobia. 

The timing of all these events is DUBIOUSLY UNCONVINCING. The event popped up CLEVERLY (and SHOCKINGLY so) as the FBI most-wanted radical Islamic-Shariah Terrorist Taliban annexed the Afghan government in Afghanistan, the same day #DGH knocked on our door. It appears that Hindu-haters are not much worried about radical Islamism nor the brutal killings of Islamic terrorism – but their primary concern is “Global Hindutva”.  Imagine, at the time of solemn 20th anniversary of the horrific attack of Islamic Terrorism targeting America’s pride and soul, that ripped America apart for the globe to witness while killing 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11, they were able to successfully divert the attention to Hindutva, play victim cards instead to push their supremacists and expansionists agenda. The 9/11 Islamic terrorist attack on America’s soil certainly was a monumental win for the Islamists. “Death to America ” chants did not start then. Fast forward from 2001, hardcore Political Islamist ideology have strategically overtaken all levels of government, media, academia, judiciary, law enforcement, corporations, US legislative bodies, US state department, state media, politicians – a massively comprehensive strategy was implemented at lightning speed SHINNINGLY with mammoth resources and funding, I must admit. Overnight, the narrative shifted from Islamic terrorists and Islamic terrorism to Islamophobia rather radically. Today Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan can demand loudly and dictate the United States to pass blasphemy laws against criticizing Islam. RADICAL? Something dark and vicious is lurking below the seemingly calm surface. 


Hindus must learn tactics and organizational skills from radical Islamists, violent communists, and deceptive Christianists. For instance, simply imagine the reputation Islamists had just 20 years ago right after 9/11. Flipping the narrative in its entirety, occupying all levels of government (Local/State/Country level), brand name-community academia, big enterprise media houses to local bodies, large to small corporations in all business sectors spanning all industries, while influencing and changing local/state/federal policies favoring Islamists is incredible and implausible. Can Hindus execute and implement such a laser-focused ginormous project as this with sheer precision in such a short timeline? Think about it. On the contrary, Hindu brown sepoys of our own are assisting the Islamists to infiltrate the entire system. The ‘secularism’ pills force-fed into the throats of Hindus through the communist-occupied education system are partly to be blamed for this blunder. At times, witnessing Hindu-named individuals themselves bashing Hindu culture, festivals, traditions, God/Goddess, scriptures, gurus, is beyond puzzling and equally concerning. Some are of course crypto-Hindus (typically not a Hindu but retained or given Hindu identity in order to mingle, build trust). Exactly how Mohd. Ajmal Kasab, a Pakistani Muslim,genuinely believed he was serving Allah’s mission, finishing the idolaters, cleaning the final country that is India. Taking Hindu identity to cross the Indian border (with the help of many spies, sepoys, Islamic cells within India) to carry out a massacre on that fateful night of November 26th, 2008, that took hundreds of innocent lives (including Americans). Luckily, he was caught – otherwise, the anti-Hindu political cabal was ready with even a book launch to label the terrorist attack as Hindu Saffron terror. Imagine that. Propaganda against Hindus is ongoing and frankly exhausting. Hindus find themselves in defense mode – trying to defend Hinduism. WHY?


Oh, want to know a funny thing? These days Islamist organizations are propagating a brand new original narrative “Muslims are the champion of pluralism”. Did I make you laugh? Good…glad I could bring some joy to your day. Top state departments and government organizations are in their pockets. You know, it is easier to make official statements and push narratives. Ahem! Now, let’s get serious! This is 100% true and happening right under our nose. Often you will find some crypto-Hindus, essentially converted Christians or Pseudo Muslims and or even atheists, under the identity of Hindu, fooling Hindus for generations. SHOCKED? Do not be. You will be surprised to know that there are many such among us (in stealth mode).

That takes me to the next point. 11 out of the 41 speakers and moderators (that is 27%) here are clearly non-Hindus, that is, Islamists or Christians, at least based on the name displayed on the #DGH schedule. How many of the Hindu-named individuals are crypto Hindus & converted to either of the foreign religions? How many of them call themselves atheists, yet are unable to open their mouths against Christianity or Islamism? They hide well. IT IS CRITICAL TO NOTE THAT ORGANIZERS ARE HIDDEN & ANONYMOUS.

You can watch the pre-event so-called “congressional briefing” without a single congressional member hate-filled YouTube content demonizing the global Hindus, narcissistically dictating Hindus to be ashamed of being Hindu, tactically redirecting the discussion towards Hindus rather than the PRIME PERPETRATOR FANATIC ISLAMIC TERRORISTS AND RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

Tell me how foreign venomous scalar-activists like Audrey Trushke can spew these shocking and blatant lies – without the help of enemies within? Audrey has a habit of blocking anyone who questions her. I am one of the lucky blocked people in her propaganda channel. Whoo-Hoo…! Purpose is crystal clear. Suddenly the leftist cabal effectively shifted the conversation. VOILA…they OWN the narrative from now on. Listen to the vitriol from Professor Thomas Blom Hansen the “star” Reliance-Dhirubhai Ambani Professor of Anthropology at Stanford University. I was told by the left global media all along that Ambanis are in Hindutva extremist PM Modi’s pocket. No?

It appears that Indian Industrialist Hindu hero Anand Mahindra’sMahindra Humanities Center at Harvard is listed as co-sponsor. SHOCKED? An interesting investigative thread came along about who may be the culprit behind the scenes. But more so, I was shocked to find our Ambassador of India to the U.S. as part of the Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI) international advisory board whose Hinduphobic and communist director Tariq Thachil is allegedly pulling the strings. No response from Ambassador Sandhu on this matter yet. Thachil & his parents (do not be shocked to see their names – Ania Loomba, Mother & Suvir Kaul, Father) were the ones who successfully cancelled PM Modi’s 2013 speech in India Economic Forum organized by Wharton School of Business of University of Pennsylvania. How? They are all associated with Upenn – all “professors”. Connecting the dots? 


The naked display of extensive political propaganda against democratically elected Prime Minister of the LARGEST DEMOCRACY OF THE WORLD (where there was NO election FRAUD) Narendra Damodar Modi over the last few years, specifically since 2014, must not be ignored. Agenda of ousting PM Modi to finish Hindu renaissance by creating and propagating hate campaigns against the political party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is essential. Not surprising though, the same actors played critical roles in blocking PM Modi’s visa maligning and blaming him for the #GodhraMessacre2002. Note that, in Godhra train-full of Hindus were massacred by Muslims. But I am sure, this is not the narrative you heard about. Connecting Hindu nationalism, Casteism, Racism, White Supremacy & Islamophobia is IMPECCABLE and rather effective, as you can see. Usual anti-Hindu actors and players are part of this one too – much like they were in the AntiCAA campaign, Kashmir Separatism propaganda, George Floyd BLM terrorism (Critical Race Theory), Shaheen-Bagh turned carefully choreographed Delhi riots. SAME SUSPECTS. SAME ACTORS. SAME GOAL. SAME STRATEGY. SAME TACTICS.

Congressional briefing of the pre-DGH by the Hindu Haters of 9/8/2021 is sponsored by these following organizations. Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), Amnesty International USA, Hindus 4 Human Rights, Scholars at Risks, International Christian Concern, Dalit Solidarity Forum, Federation of Indian American Christians of North America, Indian Civil Watch International, Jubilee Campaign USA, New York State Council of Churches, Students Against Hindutva Ideology (SAHI), American Muslim Institution, Association of Indian Muslims of America, Center of Pluralism, International Society for Peace & Justice, Humanism Project, International Solidarity for Academic Foundation in India (InSAF). All of the four speakers – so-called Professors, Deepa Kumar (Rutgers University), Audrey Trushke (Rutgers University), Thomas Blom Hansen (Stanford University), Apoorvanand (Delhi University) effectively played victim cards – WELL. 

Audrey is not afraid of radical Islamic terrorists beheading a French teacher (Samual Paty) in Paris, or stabbing the innocents on the streets of London, nor she is worried about 9/11 Islamic terrorists blowing themselves up or hijacking flights with innocent people, but she is terrified of Hindus targeting her 3-year-old, 5-year-old or 7-year-old. Boy, do they know how to shed crocodile tears?

What are the topics being discussed? Who are the speakers? Take a look at the article from OpIndia. Mainly infamous Hinduphobic non-Hindus, crypto-Hindus, Islamists, and white Christians? Not shocking. WHY ARE THEY SO AFRAID OF HINDUS even though Hindus never invaded any country? Nor has any country for them, or ever imposed Hinduism on anyone? Hindus do not go around knocking on doors with a book in hand, proselytizing, or even claiming “XYZ is your savior. Submit & surrender!”



Massive email letter-writing campaigns by many organizations bombarded university servers including petitions. Now that top academia, Islamist organizations, Christian missionaries, communist organizers supported HINDU HATING CONFERENCE is about to be held while the LEFT CABAL plays victim cards instead and lies from the tip of their tongue – what should the Hindus do? 

Bogus claimers of Hindu extremists attacked for their free speech and academic freedom is threatened so easily by mere emails sent by Hindus? Why such NERVOUSNESS? Are they COWARDS and WEAK? It is no longer about “conversation” – conversation with WHOM? How do you converse with mentally and psychologically challenged? How do you converse with the “Taliban”? How do you converse with an opposition who treats you like trash, unworthy of life? Heinous leftists, delusional fascists, spineless wimps isolated into a corner, barking loudly, and portraying themselves as “Saviors of Hindus from Hindutva”? They sincerely believe they can simply dictate, intimidate, threaten, and cancel our Hindu voice.

We are not in 1498, nor 1526, nor 1608, nor 1947, nor 1971, nor 1990. THIS IS A NEW ERA OF HINDUS, FOR HINDUS, BY HINDUS. Hindus will NOT surrender nor will be enslaved by these nefarious power-hungry supremacist ruling-class wolf. 



We must keep raising our voices, UNAPOLOGETICALLY! Expect to be attacked, shamed, threatened, intimidated by these monstrous creatures. This journey will not be easy. But we must…for our dharma…for our culture…for civilization. If not now, then when?

Frankly, the biggest threat and saddest tragedy of the Hindus are not external ideology or foreign religious faiths – not the Islamists, not the communists, not the Christian missionaries. It is the enemy within Hindus – psychologically brainwashed through the education system/media/art into hating Hindu tradition, culture, heritage, and history. Wicked and ferocious resentment against Hindus is part of the game. The weak, “secular” ideologically confused, misled by the word ‘compassion’, Hindu-named non-Hindu (practically Hindu-haters) who passionately and genuinely think Hinduism is backward and inferior to Abrahamic political ideologies will be the reason for the fall of Hindus, Hinduism, and Hindustan. The day Hindus speak up UNAPOLOGETICALLY, stand up FOR Hindu dharma UNASHAMED, not intimidated by the threats, not afraid of being a Hindu EXISTENTIALLY, NO FORCE in the universe can stop Hindus from rising. NO ONE. 

This time though, no time left for this resurgence. You do not have the luxury of 30 years, 20 years, or even 10 years. On the contrary, though, Hindus as a good ‘tax-paying, law-abiding, non-violent, peace-loving, decent, rich-wealthy, uninvolved, so nice’ citizen of the nation can choose to be enslaved once again by one of the three main radical supremacist ideologies. After all, the civilizations are erased from the face of the earth…why worry about who would rule Hindus or Hindu land, why to unnecessarily spoil peace for the elite people now, how does it matter whose flag is placed in 2028 in Delhi? 

“Tenu ki Farak Painda?” – a popular saying in India which means “why does it matter to you?” – basically what’s in it for you? Only brainwashed and psychologically unwell hypocrites will shrug their shoulders and walk away or even dismiss the gravity of this matter.

Oh, about that, let’s ask ISIS, Taliban, China, and Pakistan about the recent “Conquest of Afghanistan”…whose flag did they oust and whose flag did they raise in Afghanistan?

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