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It is ALWAYS the poor non-elites who die at the end. Elite gets to enjoy their private islands, private beach properties, private driveways and private securities and dictate the peasants. History does NOT lie. What can America learn from Rowlatt Act & Jallianwala Bagh Massacre?

Is America Heading Towards Complete Annihilation of Conservatives

When I saw her post, the first thought came to my mind was – Rowlatt Act of 1919 and cold-blooded Jallianwala Bagh Massacre. 

Recently, the installed, illegal, illegitimate “President” of United States of America declared a war against a section of people. Is this the final act for completely wiping out conservatives so the leftist elitist IslamoCommunist Democrats finally can have one-party dictatorial system with no opposition that can crush the people? Is something like Rowlatt act of 1919 coming to the United States? Let’s look at this act that ended up slaughtering unarmed poor Indians by illegal occupant British supremacist dictators. They called the conservatives, conspiracy theorists for seeing further than they can and defamed for warning about what is coming. They failed to provide data and facts honestly and transparently before forcing policies and mandates, YET labeled the conservatives as extremists. They raised funds for criminals, allowed them to walk free on the streets to commit more crimes, and glorified criminals – YET the conservatives are the extremists. Everything that conspiracy theorists warned about had come true. Let’s proceed.

Tragedy of Desperate and Despicable Rowlatt Act of 1919 

Immediately after World War I (WWI 1914-1918), an act authorized the British colonial govt. and British police to arrest ANYBODY on mere suspicion of revolt against British, and allowed to detain and imprison the suspect for up to 2 years WITHOUT a trial. Remember, the first major revolt against the British was in 1857. British also had the authority to try “suspect(s)” WITHOUT juries. British agents were empowered to search without warrants. The act was designed to take away Indian people’s RIGHT TO GATHER (indefinite ban) and RIGHT TO LEGAL DISCOURSE that limited Indian people, eliminate free press, and practically gave British police undue authority to lock up Indian people. It was passed to curb India’s freedom movement and curtail the civil liberties of the Indian people. Indians were treated as BROWN SLAVES by Britishers, literally. Some Indians surely joined the British force for position, power, money, and authority – they were known as Brown Sepoy Babus. This act triggered a massive outrage across the nation & protests broke out throughout the country. This Anarchical and Revolutionary Crimes Act, known as Rowlatt Bill (also known as BLACK ACT, drafted by Sir Sydney Rowlatt) was made into law by British dictators in March 1919, despite massive opposition and protest against limiting the rights of Indian Citizens. Over 1.3 million Indian men fought with British soldiers during WWI anticipating dominion status and home rule in India. Rowlatt Act of 1919 was a betrayal and deception of another level. I sometime wonder where did the British learn such deceptive tactics…is there any connection to Islamic tactic of Taqiyaa (art of deception). Similar kind of outcome was noticed in the alliance of Nazi Hitler and Grand Palestinian Islamic Mufti who had the same enemy, i.e., the Jews!

Barbaric and Vicious Jallianwala Bagh Massacre by the British Supremacist Dictators

Rowlatt Act was pushed to cripple, scare, silence, suppress, ethnically cleanse, terrorize, and enslave Indian people. But this oppressive act created massive rift between British govt. and Indian people and alienated the Indian citizens. 

Rowlatt Act of 1919 - India
Rowlatt Act of 1919 – India

Peaceful protests turned violent. Especially in the Punjab region as many of them were part of WWI British troops. British dictator govt. declared martial law in Punjab province – NO MORE THAN 4 PEOPLE WERE ALLOWED TO ASSEMBLE IN THE PROVINCE. In Punjab, on that black day of Baishakhi (13th April 1919) when a large group of unarmed women, children, and men gathered to celebrate the festivities in a park, unaware of the martial law – General Dyer ordered to block all entrances/exits and commanded to open fire on peaceful gathering, with no warning. Over 1000+ were killed in that brutal and inhuman action. Officially CUNNING BRITISH wrote off only 379. NOT ONE BRITISH CULPRIT WAS PUNISHED FOR THIS MERCILESS ACT. The ‘HUNTER COMMISSION’ (a mere coincidence? NAH), an inquiry committee was set up to investigate. Of course, no punishment came along, not even disciplinary action was ordered against Dyer. Dyer did NOT walk free, he was DOUBLE-PROMOTED. Do you see this pattern in United States?

“Repercussion: Unarmed poor Indian people were slaughtered while the dictators walked free without a single scratch and absolutely zero consequences. It is ALWAYS the poor non-elites who die at the end. Elite gets to enjoy their private islands, private beach properties, private driveways and private securities and dictate the peasants. History does NOT lie.”  

What can America learn from Rowlatt Act & Jallianwala Bagh Massacre?

Is such an act and consequences coming to United States of America? Will the conservatives be locked up as political prisoners with no warrant and no trial. Are the conservatives about to be executed while the IslamoCommunist liberal leftist celebrate? This may sound incredibly improbable or unconvincing or far-fetched. When I predicted WWIII, the media mafia grinned. When conservatives predicted the possibility of stolen election of 2020 because of mail-in-vote and illegal/unattended ballot boxes, and showed evidences of the same to the world, even the “judicial” pillar of our society pulled their hands off. When conservatives spoke about ineffective big corporations’ money-making vaccination games and weakening natural immune system, mask-police leftists were screaming and corporations were pushing for big-govt favors. Many are still following imaginary ‘science’ without data and facts. They de-platformed the democratically elected President of the United States, not just from public square, but willfully colluded to oust from the White House too. Has any IslamoCommunist fascist dictator ever spared anyone? If they cannot leave a democratically elected President after he was ousted 2 years ago, and occupying all pillars of government illegally for 2 years, why would they spare you or me? And this is one of the reason why I am truly concerned about red-flag law where govt. will be authorized to lock up anyone just on mere suspicion. Colluding with bigtechs and corporations has turned free public square into state media which is frequently seen in dictatorial regimes throughout the world. Do you still think this is far-fetched? Is this still unthinkable?

My divine right is to warn you. It is also possible, you are not ready for the truth yet, until it starts to pop up here and there (mostly will be hidden). Shall we wait till it becomes true and innocents start to lose livelihood and lives? What is the price of our lives?

Until next time,

@PurnimaNath – Purnima Nath is an author, entrepreneur, and a public servant. Nath speaks and writes about local, state, national, global issues encompassing #geopolitics #religion #NationalSecurity. TW: @PurnimaNath @NPurnima11 (backup). IG: @IamPurnimaNath @Npurnima11 (backup). FB: @NathPurnimaOfficial @PurnimaNathOfficial. Intimidated & Threatened – Our right to life, right to express, right of speech, right to gather, right to dissent, our freedom is under attack. If our voice is suppressed and if we are silenced, we are not in a free country. Freedom is not free. We MUST fight to obtain and retain freedom. Help me fight against corruption, oppression, tyranny, and fascism.


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