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A letter to the Hindus who are dangerously “generous” and choose to live in a world of their fantasies which is more than ideal and their ‘well wishers’:

An Open Letter to ‘Religiously Open-Minded’ Hindus

Dear Hindus,

Muslims in India should be grateful to the Hindu society and Hindus for the fact that they have not held them accountable(in the real sense of it) for the civilizational attacks, destruction and crimes that they have and are still encountering, multi-generational trauma that they have inherited, atrocities that Hindus and Hindu society has been subjected to by the Islamic invaders and Islamic imperialist colonisers who ruled over this land just because Hindus choose to believe that Muslims inhabiting this land are descendants of those Hindus who converted under the fear of wrath of the swords and other cruel conversion tactics of Muslims invaders while Muslims choose to believe just the opposite of this and keep asserting that they are descendants of the very same “Mighty Muslim Rulers” like Tipu, Akbar, Aurangzeb.

If Hindus started expressing anger, disregard and started claiming the respect and rights that they in utmost righteousness deserve and must have over this land and it’s civilizational heritage, if Hindus start stating the truth of Islamic imperialism unapologetically without unnecessarily catering to Muslim sentiments, Muslim society will be in a difficult position unless it chooses to not only disassociate but also join Hindus in trying to do undo and wipe off the symbols Islamic imperialism standing tall on the heart of this sacred land. If not, they should stop expecting mercy and grace from Hindus.

Hindu society on the other hand, needs to stop assuming this dangerously self-destructive ‘generous’ position and should start placing the onus of disassociating themselves from the Islamic tyrants on Muslims and Muslim society at large, it’s the responsibility of the apparently good/moderate/friendly Muslims to do so and not Hindus. They need to realise that they are not really “assuming” this generous position but it’s been imposed on them, it’s just another form of Islamic imperialism.

Hindus need to stop infantalising Muslim society at large, they are not “brainwashed”, they are not “confused”, they are not “disoriented”, they have made choices thoughtfully, consciously and most deliberately throughout the course of history. They have chosen to follow, adhere and execute the Islamic doctrine. It’s their responsibility to make different choices now, if they wish to score any repute in the eyes of Hindu society.

You, my dear Hindus need to stop thinking and classifying Muslims as imperialists fundamentalists, extremists, secessionists, moderates, because this classification is your way of deluding your ownself and your society at large. No such divisions exist within the Muslim society, they are all Muslims one and the same. Those, who you refer to as fundamentalists, extremists and imperialists more so than the rest.
These positions of Muslim world and society that you find hard to digest and come to terms with are natural to them, they are defacto the way to live for them, the way to be true Muslims, true followers of the only true religion. These positions which form the “extreme” for you lie at the heart of Islam. They are at it’s core and also periphery. Muslims do not wish to put any critical faculty to use while revising this very Islam. They do not feel obligated like you to judge Islamic doctrine on larger
moral, ethical and humanitarian parameters.

Islam’s moral compass is broken, it’s morality is nothing else but what it’s Prophet chose to say and do. It does not have the conceptual and ideational capabilities to stand up to any other parameters of morality. Hence, you are simply calling on yourself the same end that Islam and Quran has decided for you. You, by living in this fantasy world of yours, failing to see Islam and know Islam for what is and to judge Muslim conduct and actions as nothing but patterns following the founder of Islam are calling for self-destruction.

You need to know Islam and crack this pattern, you need to stop giving Muslim and Muslim society the benefit of doubt. Their sayings, their behaviour, their acts are not errant individual callings but they can be very easily traced back to Quranic injunctions.

To the well-wishers:
Be it Sangh Parivar or Hindu intellectuals who claim to stand for the good of Hindu society need to stop encouraging Hindus to keep entertaining this ‘imposed position to act gratuitously’. Hindus owe nothing to no community living in this land. It is most definitely the other way around for a lot of reasons.

The greatest good that any well-wisher of Hindus can do to them is to shake them awake to these truths and kick them out of their slumbering stance. This is the only way you save them, by letting them save themselves.