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What is a Woman? – A Documentary Film Review

This documentary is a must watch for those who do not understand what the gender theory entails in practice, and also for those who deliberately shut their eyes to the consequences of this menace that this transgender movement is responsible for. Students who see their classmates carrying rainbow banners, sloganeering for women’s rights should watch this movie so they are not caught up in the propaganda which presents something nefarious as noble, and wants to replace depravity for morality.

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Trans-Age: A woke movement transgressing sanity and sense

According to the woke activists, all social constructs are oppressive, bigoted, and problematic. Why and how? These are the questions that you cannot ask a woke. The only choice and right that woke activists have given to the society is to agree with them and join them in unleashing madness. It is what they are unleashing as they problematize the very concept of age, declare that being considerate of age(ageism) is inherently oppressive.

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Vilifying Brahmans for Untouchability

Foreigners began giving wrong explanations of Hindu ideas and adding false information to it rather wittingly or unwittingly. Church missionaries played a very great role in it. Then, in independent India political parties selfishly misused the same propaganda, in fact they increasingly popularised the propaganda. Authentic information and facts were also suppressed, because they were unfavourable to their party-interests. Like this, they turned one section of Hindus inimical towards the other section of Hindus at their own hands.

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AntiBrahmanism of Church Missionaries

The British restrained the missionaries while the Indian rulers gave them a free run. As a result, the dupery of missionaries is expanding throughout India unbridled. Putting photos of Jesus-Mary in Hindu temples, constructing churches in the fashion of Hindu temple architecture to defraud and convert innocent Hindus, treating a disease using medicines but crediting it to the grace of Jesus, disrespecting Hindu Gods and Goddesses and calling them powerless, by lending money or providing admission to missionary schools, etc. they are adopting all dubious means to break and divide the HIndu society. Our representatives in power know everything. But they have been blinded by their greed for power and are increasing special minority rights that is equal to sawing off the branch they’re sitting on.

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A Book Review of “Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity and Why it Harms Everybody”

Postmodernism was particularly skeptical of science and other culturally dominant ways of legitimizing claims as “truths” and of the grand, sweeping explanations that supported them. It called them metanarratives, which it viewed as a kind of cultural mythology and a significant form of human myopia and arrogance.

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The Male Brain. A Book Review

Male and female brains are different from the moments of conception. It is common sense that all the cells in a man’s brain and body are male. Read this impeccably researched book by Louann Brizendine.

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The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine: A Book Review

More than 99 percent of male and female genetic coding is exactly the same. Out of the thirty thousand genes in the human genome, less than one percent variation is small. But that percentage difference influences every single cell in our bodies. Read this wonderful book by Louann Brizendine to know more.

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An Open Letter to ‘Religiously Open-Minded’ Hindus

A letter to the Hindus who are dangerously "generous" and choose to live in a world of their fantasies which is more than ideal and their 'well wishers':

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