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In this article, Purnima Nath explains how India is also facing terror plots and designs to destabilize it along with fighting Corona Virus pandemic. She details all the nuances in the complex situation.

Indian National Safety Endangered by Islamist Missionary Movement


When the entire nation of India was unexpectedly caught by the massive spread of lethal coronavirus attack largely linked to a massive Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) congregation held at Nizamuddin Markaz (center) in Delhi, on the 1st of April Indian army spotted evidence of a group of infiltrated Pakistani terrorists waiting to launch an attack along the line of control (loc) in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Army located and encountered the terrorists, but they managed to escape. Inclement weather, 8-ft deep snow, low visibility could not deter them from encountering and eliminating the heavily-armed infiltrator terrorists. Unfortunately, bravehearts of the Indian army were killed in action in intense combat as both sides opened fire from a point-blank range. A huge quantity of arms, ammunition and communication devices recovered. Did the world know anything about this? ASK WHY?

It is not a Hindu-Muslim issue, it is about justice. And India and Hindus had been targeted for the eons, and when the real victims start being defensive, the aggressors and the perpetrators play victim card. CONVENIENT?

Over the last few weeks, many international media, such as BBC, Time, Washington Post have published various articles defaming India on diverse topics. The latest blame was for publishing reports on new coronavirus cases that were linked to the TJ in Delhi. When the nation’s capital was attacked by anti-India CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) protests quickly-turned-violent riots that killed many people, destroyed public properties, leftist global media managed to push a nasty narrative that Hindu goons attacked Muslims. In reality, it was the Muslim communities who were causing inconvenience in months-long anti-India-terror-group-funded protests and prepared to attack Hindus. Prominent American Democrats and communists and organizations including the UN have spoken falsely about India, criticized its government in a coordinated effort to paint an evil picture of India, pushing anti-Hindu, anti-India agendas. We will not accept these blatant lies anymore.


While the global economy is hit, the stock market is crashing, the supply chain is weakened (at least temporarily), the mother country China already opened the wet markets. India shares a 3,488 km border with China, yet India was able to contain the coronavirus spread thus far…well, UNTIL a large gathering caused a steep curve, that too suddenly.


Before you go further into understanding what Tablighi is, or its contribution to damages caused to Indian people, understand the following. Hindus are the minorities in every country in the world, except India and Nepal. Hindus do not have any country specifically, however, Hindus originated in India – so, separation from India is impossible, regardless of country Hindus live in. Currently, India has over 200 million Muslims, the third-largest Muslim community in the entire world with 10.9%, slightly behind Pakistan and Indonesia with 11.1% AND 12.9% Respectively. On the contrary, there are 51 Islamic State Muslim countries, and 1 Jew country, and the rest are Christian and Buddhist countries. Although India has 79% Hindu majority, Hindus and Hinduism are constantly threatened and shamed by specifically Muslim community. India accepted all religions and has freedom of expression and religious practices, much like western Christian countries. However, Hindu minorities in the neighboring Muslim countries are religiously persecuted. Hindus are unable to practice their faith and observe their religious rituals in any Islamic countries.


It is important to understand what is Tablighi. Tablighi means ‘proselytizing and traveling’. Tablighi is the world’s largest faith-based moment, an influential Islamic group that travels, preaches about Islam and spreads the ideals of Islam and proselytizes with 250 million followings, spreading across 200 countries. Tablighis primarily focus on vulnerable and lost youth looking for identity, marginalized population and mostly illiterate people in the rural areas. They reject modernism, westernization, and secularism. Fundamentally, they are different from the proselytization of the non-Muslims. This ideology is focused on  proselytizing and bringing back Muslims to fundamental and true Muslims, emulating the lifestyle of 7th century Prophet Mohammed. Their ‘apolitical’ stance helps avoid media and governmental inquiries. They operate largely in secrecy. Even without any public advertisement, they seem to arrange large congregations throughout the world around the same time. Astonished? Although they work with local mosques, college campuses, in small traveling groups usually, they do have headquarters throughout the world. Established by Maulana Ilyas Kandhalwi in 1927 in Nizamuddin Delhi, India, Delhi is the world’s headquarter. His great-grandson Maulana Saad Kandhalwi declared himself as the ameer (head) of Tablighis, under whose leadership the jamaat (ijtema = religious congregation) in Delhi occurred. This organization has been associated with Al Qaeda and Hezbollah. Many countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and central Asia have banned them. The first time you may have heard about it in the United States after the 9/11 attack. It is said that TJ has been used as a cover or springboard for the Islamist political movements.


World Tablighi headquarter Nizamuddin Markaz Delhi is a busy center with hundreds of people daily. The congregation was planned originally for March 8-11 but occurred on March 13-15, although gathering went on throughout the month of March. Estimated 9000 attended, including approximately 2,100 foreign preachers. It was found that the foreign preachers came into India with tourist visas, lied about the visit purpose, participated in religious congregation violating visa rules. At that time, international travelers were already instructed to 14-day self-quarantine. Of course, they did not. 

On the 13th, Markaz was given a notice, 23rd the police placed further warning, and even though PM Modi announced a 21-day lockdown on the 24th, the Markaz saw no end to their activities. Sadly, over 2,000 were found living in the Markaz when it was raided. And thousands of attendees spread across into various parts of the country taking along the disease with them and endangering the health of the country’s people. Furthermore, when identified and quarantined, we have witnessed the most ridiculous humiliation by the violators. 

Spitting on doctors, pelting stones on health workers,  beating up police officers, walking nude around the women nurses, listening to vulgar songs around healthcare workers, passing on indecent comments and teasing women workers, urinating and defecating in front of the quarantine center wardroom, demanding chicken ‘biriyani’ over hospital food…some of the unimaginable ways to embarrass healthcare workers and refusing to follow government and health department instructions. A Muslim fruit seller was caught spitting on the fruits before selling and cutting fruits with the spat-on-knife got arrested. These are not one-off isolated incidents but massively coordinated. It’s happening throughout the country. Which country will tolerate this kind of behavior? Iran, Saudi Arabia, perhaps? But the liberal leftist western media is defending such disgraceful behavior. What kind of punishment they will face in Islamic countries for such shockingly shameful acts? Why should India tolerate this insolence, intimidation, and violence? Why should India suffer from this shameless uncouth and revolting behavior? 

Thus far 1445 cases were found linked with Tablighi Jamaat at Nizamuddin Markaz, Delhi, out of 4281 cases. Essentially, one-third of all cases are linked to TJ of Delhi and 35% of all cases that spread across 21 states. State of Assam had no cases until the first one identified linked with TJ of Delhi. 97% of cases in Assam, 91% in Tamil Nadu, 73% in Telangana, 63% in Delhi, 53% in Uttar Pradesh are connected to TJ. Thus far, 25,500 has been quarantine who attended or came in contact with the attendees. Over 1700 foreigners out are blacklisted by the Indian government. The darkness of Corona engulfed India.

Video evidence surfaced since then, where Maulana Saad explained to his followers that lockdown was a conspiracy by the Hindus to break Muslim unity, inspired his followers to die in the mosque, and advised to listen to the doctors who believe in only ‘Allah’, no one else. The followers should reject the instructions of the government authority to maintain Muslim unity. An FIR has been filed against Maulana Saad with the charges of negligence, spreading infectious disease, disobedience of government order, the punishment of criminal conspiracy; but he is missing since then. 8 Malaysians were arrested under suspicion caught at  the Delhi airport while getting onto special envoy. And this religious preacher is rich.


16,000 people attended Tablighi ijtema in Sri Petaling mosque outside Kaula Lumpur from Feb 27th to March 1 which spiked up the coronavirus cases in Malaysia. Although Malaysia identified 10,500 attendees, many traveled back to other south Asian countries. About 1500 infected foreigners were from the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Malaysian officials are desperately trying to identify thousands of local participants who have not come forward.


TJ Raiwind Lahore on March 12-14 gathering attracted 250,000 attendees including 5,300 foreign Tablighi preachers. Pakistan had quarantined 25,500 attendees including 1500 foreign preachers. 2 Palestinian TJ members traveled back to the Gaza strip from Pakistan with the virus. In Pakistan, doctors refusing to report to work, clerics refusing to shut down mosques, parents unwilling to quarantine children and themselves, quarantined people have spat on police and trying to escape quarantine facilities (arrested later). Now, Tablighi mosques have been shut down. 


Have you noticed the congregation timelines worldwide? Did you notice the similarities in the behaviors of TJ members elsewhere? Notice the large gathering? I find it incredibly fascinating that though they operate secretively, and claim that they don’t keep a list of their members, no one knows who their members are, they seem to bring thousands of people at one place in a very organized way, that too globally. FASCINATING? 

Some fanatics have been abusing, attacking and threatening Indian media outlets and issuing violent threats against the anchors for exposing the truth. They are uncomfortable about India’s crackdown on terror and claiming TJ was unfairly targeted. And the leftist western media force is taking advantage in their effort to blame India. Oh by the way, was it just India, who fell victim of their activities?

Government authorities are pleading them to come out of hiding and test, so the rest of the country’s people can be saved. TJ since has been called as super-spreaders, visible weapon, Taliban jihad, ticking human bomb, corona jihad or corona terroristsThe fact that they are hiding, escaping, spitting, defecating, urinating, abusing the Govt, healthcare workers and law enforcement bodies is creating tremendous anger. On top of this, their leader goes in hiding – Is this not creating suspicion? A young man had been shot dead for criticizing them, right outside his house. No one can criticize them, no laws apply to them. They seem to have a sense of entitlement. Sadly, they simply have no regrets, no remorse, no apologies thus far. But they go on a threatening-spree to point finger at Hindus and India and the media outlets who had been bringing us truth by labeling them nationalists. Why shouldn’t India protect the country from this terrible mindset?


Somewhere in the November 2019 the virus was started in Wuhan, China. However, even though President Trump stayed firm about this Chinese Corona Virus, media took the side of China, did not support the President. When former U.S. Vice President and current Presidential candidate Joe Biden has been a cozy candidate who defended China even though he had a controversial past for securing Chinese business contracts for his family members media spared him from any questioning. These are the same leftist media outlets who pushed Trump impeachment for the last 3 years, filled with lies, deception, and duplicity. These are the same ones who pushed appeasing articles to Iran after Qaseem Sulaimani was taken down by Trump administration. These are the same outlets that propagated the narrative of ‘religious scholar’ to describe terrorist extremist leader of Islamic State Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. They failed to take responsibility to strengthen this country and pushed anti-America agenda. Now, the globalists are focused on anti-India anti-Hindu propaganda


Indian government should protect its citizens and western media MUST NOT interfere to compromise India’s safety and security. This is the first time India has taken strict actions against age-old intimidation of Hindus and India. India must NOT be silent anymore and cave into globalist propaganda. Appeasements must stop. It is about justice, not about Hindu-Muslim propaganda. The Indian government must be strict with the violators no matter who they are.