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The Communist ecosystem functions under multiple layers, invisibly. This therefore gives them considerable protection from being attacked directly. In the context of 4GW or Fourth-Generation Warfare, with the passage of time, the “vulnerable groups” unknowingly become the vanguard of the Communists. It is because 4GW is conducted by the Communist system primarily through non-military actions like social engineering, misinformation, cyber attacks, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. The misinformation campaign run by some media houses through print publications and as well as in various social media platforms are indicative of the fact that the human civilisation has already entered this phase of …

Islam & Communism: An Unholy Alliance

The Communist ecosystem functions under multiple layers, invisibly. This therefore gives them considerable protection from being attacked directly. In the context of 4GW or Fourth-Generation Warfare, with the passage of time, the “vulnerable groups” unknowingly become the vanguard of the Communists. It is because 4GW is conducted by the Communist system primarily through non-military actions like social engineering, misinformation, cyber attacks, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. The misinformation campaign run by some media houses through print publications and as well as in various social media platforms are indicative of the fact that the human civilisation has already entered this phase of warfare. Well, but how does it work in the context of Communism and its alliance with Islam to destroy cultures and civilisations across the globe?

The origins of this psychological warfare can be traced to the highly convoluted post World War II scenario and the narratives perpetrated by the Communist ecosystem across the world. With the advent of the Cold War and the subsequent distrust generated throughout the globe among democratic countries, top posts in European universities and academic institutions came to be held by Cultural Marxists and proponents of ‘Critical Theory’. Edward Said, in his famous work Orientalism, had brilliantly brought to light the darker side of colonisation, mindless persecution of communities in the colonised nations, exploitation and loot of natural resources and many other such horrendous atrocities committed by the West upon the countries of Asia and Africa.

In Europe, the end of the World War II and the defeat of Hitler gave rise to an irrational hatred among Europeans for the concepts of ‘Nation’ and ‘Nationalism’ in the years that followed. The horrors of the Holocaust led to a heightened sense of compassion towards the Jews as a community throughout Europe, but particularly in Germany. It also led to a systematic acculturation of the European youth over the years in the values of compassion, generosity, humanity, etc. which acted as a serious dent on their fighting spirit. The comparatively safe and secure environment of Europe, especially Western Europe, acted as a further boost to such a mindset. However, this perception of the Europeans changed as a result of the counterculture movement of the 1960s and the perceived persecution of Palestinians after the Arab-Israeli wars.

As a result, the tide soon changed and Muslims became the new “victims” in the common European mentality. Anyone who criticised Islam, fair or foul, came to be immediately labelled as a fascist, Islamophobe, bigot and what not. In fact, the guilt complex of the Europeans has been very strategically exploited by the Muslims coming in as refugees into Europe post the Syrian civil war and the increasing political instability in Islamic countries. As mentioned above, the infiltration of European universities and academic institutions by Cultural Marxists and proponents of ‘Critical Theory’ romancing with the fancy ideals of Open Borders, Intersectionality, etc. further aided the process.

E.g. the famous case of Aylan Kurdi and the subsequent outburst of emotions across the world stands out as one of the most prominent examples of media manipulation by a Left-leaning academia controlling the buttons of 4GW. All these factors further reinforced the “victimhood” mentality that affects most Muslims today not only in Europe, but India too; definitely, the Leftist-Islamist-Maoist nexus accruing the maximum benefits out of it and utilising it further to achieve their long-term goals and objectives. Gradually, the benign-sounding yet blood-thirsty Communist ideology emerged as a fashionable academic discourse through top institutions of higher education across the globe, deriving its fuel from a glorification of the grand ideals of Multiculturalism, Liberalism and Tolerance, Queer Pride, etc.

It has been successful in weakening democracies and democratic political systems from within by a continuous brainwash of the successive generations, whether it be during the Naxalbari movement in India and the violence led by the communist parties subsequently, or protests by students in US universities during the Vietnam war against their own country, and the ‘Make Love and No War’ slogans of the counterculture movement of the 1960s. These are all glaring examples of the never-ending cultural and intellectual aggression of the Communist world led by the USSR much before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. But, the question that seriously demands an honest answer here is – Has this aggression stopped after the fall of the Iron Curtain from the European continent? No, not really it seems.

The reality is that the Communist ecosystem has been masquerading amongst us by taking up much more complex and elusive forms. By hiding its real, venom-spitting agenda from the public eye, it has been able to spread its tentacles much more surreptitiously than ever before. The so-called “Liberals” of today are none other than Communist and Islamist sympathisers who love to theorise about Post-Modernism, Feminism, sexual liberation, Islamophobia, LGBTQ rights, etc. They use these ideas as convenient smokescreens to not only conceal their real faces but also deconstruct and destroy original, indigenous ideas, and also the cultural and societal fabric of democratic societies.

E.g. for a long time, “armchair intellectuals” have misled people by taking recourse to fancy-sounding academic vocabularies and presenting before them a fabricated version of the truth. Their academic papers are full of deceptive and hypocritical claims about all societies and civilisations being tolerant and peace-loving and that terrorism has no religion. But, what about the genuine sense of fear and insecurity that today grips places like West Bengal, Assam, or Kerala for that matter? Isn’t it a palpable reality of cultural decimation involving a very well-planned and well-executed demographic invasion of Lebensraum (living space)? But, it is the Communist system that has always downplayed these real facts of demographic change, increasing crime rates, etc. through the usage of disparaging terms like ‘xenophobia’ and ‘Islamophobia’.

Let us now take the failed idea of ‘Multiculturalism’ as an example to deconstruct the myth propagated by Communists that ‘All Religions and Cultures are the Same’. It can perhaps best be understood with respect to Europe, especially France – a country that has been subjected to some of the largest number of terrorist attacks in Europe in recent history. France was taken by a storm after the deadly attacks of January 2015, when two Islamist militant gunmen forced their way into the office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo which had published cartoons that depicted the Prophet, and killed 12 members of the office staff. Besides Germany, the Muslim population of France is one among the largest in the entire European continent. It is home to around 5 million Muslims, constituting 5-8% of the population here.

Most of the Muslims residing in France have migrated from orthodox Islamic societies, and hence they have a very clear idea of their identity vis-à-vis the indigenous population of France. The working class suburbs or banlieues that encircle most of the major cities of France have become fertile recruiting grounds for Islamist terrorist groups in the recent times. However, the reality is that these banlieues do not come anywhere close to the established dictionary meaning of suburbs; instead, they resemble self-imposed ghettos of Muslims where the rule of law is almost non-existent unlike in other places. This has been one of the major points of criticism against multiculturalism as a doctrine, which gives rise to ghettoisation and balkanisation of communities in due course of time.

While preferring to stay within one’s own community might not always be seen as an abnormality per se keeping in mind the considerations of safety and security, but it does raise certain serious concerns with respect to an open society of the stature of France. This apparent and deliberate insularity of the Muslims in fact, is more worrisome because in reality, it is a religious duty for them as clearly enshrined in Verse no. 28 and Verse no. 29 of the Surahs (Chapters) 3 and 9 respectively of the Al-Quran. They give clear injunctions to the Muslims to not come to friendly terms with the kafirs (non-Muslims). If the Quran itself gives such clear instructions to the Muslims in this regard, it is not difficult to understand the possible causes behind the same ghetto mentality of the Muslims as a community.

Picture Credits: Thomas@AnteMemoriam, Sep 21, 2019.

No wonder, France was one of the West’s biggest hotbeds of ISIS militants when the terror group used to control large areas across Iraq and northern Syria. Hundreds of French nationals travelled to ISIS territory, many also bringing along with them their own children. The expansionist nature of Islam has been starkly visible in Southern France, which is traditionally one of those regions in the world that is densely populated with Churches; however, a rapid mushrooming of mosques has taken place here lately, so much so that there are now more mosques than Churches in this entire region of Southern France. At present, there are around 2,300 mosques in France and millions of others in several parts of the world, which invite the “faithful” bunch of “peace-lovers” five times a day to proclaim Allahu-Akbar which translates as “Allah is the Greatest”.

It implies that Allah occupies the supreme position of authority and all the rest are lesser Gods – a kind of bully on every occasion without fail, but still hinging upon the politics of victim-card and committing violence on the non-believers of Allah even when they try to protect and save themselves! The continuous insistence of one side upon the expansion of their cult by whatever means possible, including forced religious conversions and killings, is a pure war cry against societies and cultures which do not believe in such medieval barbarism. It needs to be mentioned here that most of the suburban riots that occurred in France from 1979 onwards till date have seen the involvement of youth of North African origins.

While fleeing from their countries for various reasons and coming to live in France as refugees, a major chunk of the Muslim population here have not tried to integrate themselves with or accept the civilizational values of the French Republic. This self-imposed insularity of living has led to a further reinforcement of their prejudices and pre-judgements against the host population, leading to a heightened sense of blind anger and frustration over the existing state of affairs. It then produces a never-ending cycle of violence and bloodshed against those same people who, in the first place, welcomed and provided them refuge. Hence, can a flawed idea like ‘Multiculturalism’ initiate a non-judgemental and non-prejudiced discussion, bereft of any ideological biases, on existential problems such as these?

To counter and critique these academic jargons that romanticise a “Peaceful” Society in which all religions “peacefully” co-exist, it is also very important that non-Muslims throughout the world study the Quran and concepts such as Al-Taqayya that are central to the Islamic thought process. Only then can myths like “Islam stands for Peace” or “True Islam” or “Moderate Muslim” can be busted open for one and all. Moreover, in order to demystify the Islamic victimhood mentality and deconstruct it in the earliest possible time-frame, all aspects of Islam need to be openly debated in the public domain. This will also serve the purpose of exposing the Communist designs of capturing people’s psyche through flowery academic language that instantly become an attraction for our youth. 

In 2006, a Spanish weekly Alba was quoted as saying – “Immigration in France has led to a strong growth in the building of mosques and evangelical places of worship, which has been paralleled by the decrease in Catholic Churches. France now has more than 1,500 mosques, almost as many as existing in Istanbul, Turkey.” The article titled “Muslim Boom in France: More Mosques, Fewer Churches”, drew attention to the increasing Islamisation of Europe with France which is historically considered to be “the eldest daughter of the Church”, leading the way. It is indeed an alarming change that raises several uncomfortable questions over the larger designs of Islam, its ideology and guiding doctrines which are chiefly based on an unending policy of territorial and demographic expansion.

This also brings to light the fact that the question of Islamic immigration has wreaked havoc on the politics, society and culture of the West too, which is today seriously grappling with the problem of an altered demographic profile of their countries, besides increasing crime rates and terror attacks. Now, coming to a pertinent question – What have been the major historical and socio-cultural factors behind such a state of affairs through which Europe is passing in the current times? The grand liberal ideas of Multiculturalism, Intersectionality, etc. as explained earlier have conditioned Europeans to look at every situation threatening their identity and existence either through the lens of some conspiracy theory or Post-Modernist ideas. An absurd sense of political correctness, largely based on the appeasement of political constituencies, has informed the politics of most Western European nations uptil now.

In due course of time, they began idealising human excellence and compassion to such an extent that anything related to matters of religion and cultural pride came to be looked upon with detest. In fact, Western Europe, where Protestant Christianity originated and Catholicism has been based for most of its history, has come to be known as one of the most secular regions of the world. Today, a majority of the European youth are leaving Christianity in huge numbers, identifying themselves as either atheists or agnostics, making them further rootless. Even though a certain section of them call themselves as Christians, but, very few regularly attend the Church. They take pride in being open-minded and liberal citizens but have forgotten one of the most important lessons of history – “Those Who Fail To Learn From History are Doomed To Repeat It”.

The unholy alliance of Communism with Islam has today become a cancer for the body politic of Bharatvarsha – a cancer that has now metastasised. Taking a cue from the current situation in Europe, the Indian State needs to face the challenge head on before this coalition of Adharma takes down our Rashtra onto the path of a bloody civil war. We need to train our police and paramilitary forces intellectually during their entire career span, so that they are able to handle the novel challenges that are emerging every single day. This is the need of the hour – creation of intellectual wealth – to understand the larger implications of the Communist ecosystem on our society and body politic, Islam as a cult of war and violence, and both of them as an integral part of achieving the goals and objectives of the Fourth Generation Warfare.


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