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A frighteningly large number of non-Muslims claim that they have got nothing to do with Islamic terrorism and that is why they neither want to listen anything about it, or to do anything with it. But in this article, Khalid Umar argues that it is an existential imperative for every non-Muslim to fight Islamic Terrorism.

Why the Whole World should be United in Fighting Islamic Terrorism

Fundamentally the Muslims in Pakistan, Chechnya, Nigeria, Yemen, India, Turkey Egypt, Russia, Syria, Iran Afghanistan, China, France etc. are not linked linguistically, culturally, geographically or economically but why they act, react and behave the same way to any perceived insult of Islam? Because they get their inspiration from one source. It’s the unity of the scripture (Quran and sayings attributed to the prophet) and history of Islam that binds them.

Islam is a political and expansionist ideology in the garb of religion. It’s sole aim is subjugation of everyone else and they believe that before the end times (qiamat) Muslims would conquer the world. Pakistani common Muslim believe that India would be conquered by the Islamic forces and all the kafirs would be either dead or accept Islam.

Kafir is a hateful insulting term which the faithful hurls on everyone from the Queen of England to Pope Francis and from Narendra Modi to Donald Trump. No-one is worthy of respect & Allah’s heaven unless he submits to Islamism. All the others will burn in eternal hell. Islamic theology has a tremendous amount of vengeance and hate against all the others who dare to differ. 

Most of the Muslims do believe and profess this faith but don’t act out of fear, cowardice or pragmatism of Taqqiya. That’s why the claim that all the Muslims are not terrorists.

I accept that all the Muslims are not terrorists. But the problem is that you don’t know when that ‘mental disease’ would be triggered in an apparently decent and civilised Muslim and he would take off the veil of pragmatism or restraint and become violent. Because that ‘mental disease’ (as Chinese call it) lie inside everyone, hibernating mostly. Muslims are trigger happy at the slightest perceived provocation. That’s the danger and all the world must unite to fight it.