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This is part 3 of the earlier article On the Nature of Islam. This is a tract written on the Nature of Islam in context of the rising Islamic terrorism the world over in 2002. This article discusses how Islam treated Hindus when it ruled India in the medieval ages. Note: Krishnaswami is a penname of an author, who for more spiritual than political reasons, shall remain anonymous.

India and the Islamic Dark Ages

Since 712 AD parts of India have been under the Islamic theocratic rule, that is almost for 1200 years, in this Islamic dark age Hindus were killed, plundered, taxed, enslaved, raped and sold by foreign Muslim invaders, for whom the Jihad against idolater Hindus was religious duty dictated by the word of Allah, as stated in Koran. The world famous historian Will Durant writes, “Mohammedan conquest of India was probably the bloodiest story in history”  (The story of Civilization / vol.1 / New York /1972). Looked at from the point of view of Islam it was a dazzling period indeed, as faithfully recorded by the Muslim court historians… (Elliot and Dowson: History of India as told by its own Historians / 8 vols. / New Delhi reprint 1990 / London 1867-77)

Islam had the immense satisfaction of:

  1. Sending millions of accursed idolater Hindu Kafirs to hell by killing them in a millennium long Jihad.
  2. Converting millions of Hindus by force.
  3. Killing thousands of native scholars, Hindu and Jain sadhus and Buddhist bhikshus and burning their sacred books, libraries and universities.
  4. Demolishing and desecrating thousands of Hindu and Jain temples and building mosque over them with the materials of destroyed temples.
  5. Killing cows and forcing Hindus to eat beef.
  6. Capturing millions of innocent Hindu men, women and children and selling them in to slavery and concubinage in the far flung Islamic world.
  7. Violating the chastity of Hindu women and forcing them into Muslim harems or forcing them into prostitution, and thus degrading them in to sex-slaves.
  8. Castrating, that is removing and mutilating sexual organs of handsome young male slaves, and transforming them into GHILMAN and EUNUCHS (hijiras) for the purpose of homosexual and other harem services.
  9. Collecting vast amounts of loot and distributing it among Muslims according to the rules laid down and exemplified by the prophet himself.
  10. Imposing exploitative religious tax the Jizyah on Hindus.
  11. Establishing the truth of The Koran by power of sword instead of logic, debates and discourses.

Just a few examples from the history of Islam will illustrate the above-mentioned points:

Construction of Masjid Quwwatul Islam (might of Islam) was commenced by Aibak in 1195. It was built with materials and gold obtained by destroying 27 Hindu and Jain temples in Delhi and Its neighborhood. A Persian inscription in the mosque testifies to this, it is reproduced in, Thomas/ Chronicles of the Pathan Kings of Delhi/p. 22-23.

Kazi Mughith ad Din told Sultan Alauddin Khalj “If the Jizyah-collector ask a Hindu for a silver, the later should offer gold in all humility. If the tax collector wishes to spit in to Hindu’s mouth, the Hindu should open his mouth without demur, so as to enable the Muslim tax collector to spit into Hindu’s mouth”. (Diya ad-Din Barani/ Tarikh-I Firozshahi/ Sayyid Athar Abbas Rizwi/ selected Hindi translation in his Khalji- kalina Bharata/ Aligarh/1955/ p.70).

In 1679, Aurangzeb reintroduced Jizyah tax on Hindus at the usual rates of 48 Dhirams on the rich, 24 on the middle class, and 12 on the poor. Following the Islamic tradition, he also stipulated that Dhimmi (the second class Hindu citizen under Muslim rule) should carry the Jizyah tax with his own hand and should come on foot. Hindu Dhimmis should pay tax standing, while Muslim Jizyah-collector is sitting. The Hindu Dhimmi’s hand should be below that of the collector, who should snatch away the tax from the Hindu’s hands with this specific remark, “Pay the Jizyah, O Dhimmi!” (Mirza Muhammad Hasan/ed. By Sayyid Nawab Ali/ Gaekwad’s Oriental series/No. xxxiii/ Baroda/ 1928/vol-I p.296-297).

“It was not only Jahangir, a comparatively kind hearted emperor, who used to capture poor Hindu people during his hunting expeditions and send them to Kabul in exchange for dogs and horses; all Muslim rulers and governors collected Hindu slaves and exploited them … Under Shahjahn, peasants were compelled to sell their women and children to meet the revenue demand”…(K.S.Lal/ Muslim Slave System in Medieval India/ Aditya Prakashan/p.73)

“Abdulla Khan Uzbeg’s force destroyed all towns in the Kalpi-Kanauj area, be-headed the men, took away all their goods, their wives and children as slaves”. (Abul Fazl/Akbar Nama, ii, 195-96). Abdulla Khan Uzbeg once declared that  “I made prisoners of five lacs of Hindu Kafir men and women and sold them. They all became Mohammadans, from their progeny there will be crores of Faithful Muslims by the day of judgement.”… (Shah Nawaz Khan/ Maasir-ul-Umara, i/ p.105).