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Has Europe Forgotten Vigilance? A Warning to the West – 5

This final article in the series by Alexander Solzhenitsyn reminds us of the need for vigilance and why it is crucial for the survival of Europe.

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Has European Pragmatism Backfired? A Warning to the West – 4

Alexander Solzhenitsyn explains how the short sighted pragmatism of Europe resulted in a false morality due to lack of discrimination.

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Is the West Living in Denial? A Warning to the West -3

Did Britain and the allies turn a blind eye to the horrific state of human rights in communist Soviet Union? Read this excerpt from one of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's essays to find out.

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Is the West Living in Denial? A Warning to the West -2

Why is it that people in the West are blind to the truth of Communist societies? Is there a sense of denial and whence does it stem from? Read on to know more.

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Communist Ideology destroys Social Order. A Warning to the West – 1

We often tend to believe that communists detest any form of violence because we see them raising their voices for "peace". But is it really so? Red on to find out.

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The Liberal Iconoclasm

This article analyzes the consequences of letting the liberals drive the narrative. In the light of the recent Black Lives Matter protests in the U.S. and in other Western countries, the article discusses how the political ideology of liberalism is more intolerant than its opponents. What is most dangerous is the fact that it seeks to erase history and rewrite it through its own ideological lens.

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Perversion of India’s Political Parlance

Who is a 'leftist' or 'rightist' or who is 'secular' and who is 'communal'? In this article, Sita Ram Goel deconstructs the political and academic jargon. In doing so, he explains how language is used as a political weapon. This article is a must read.

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Idealism vs. Dialectical Materialism – A Cold War – 2

In this short piece, Sita Ram Goel continues with his exposition on Communism. He tells what the major faults of communism are and how a spiritual outlook can help diffuse the spectre of communism. These two articles, taken from the brilliant work "Genesis and Growth of Nehruism"are still relevant in view of the dominance of the left-liberals.

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Idealism vs. Dialectical Materialism – A Cold War – 1

In this brilliant mock conversation, India's finest historian Sita Ram Goel compare the U.S. and the U.S.S.R and their ideologies and reveals that it the Soviet Union is highly idealistic and how it indoctrinates the rest of the world in its ideology.

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