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Book Review

फ्री-विल – एक पुस्तक समीक्षा

सात अध्यायों वाली यह पुस्तक मुक्त इच्छा, इच्छा की अवचेतन उत्पत्ति,बदलते हुए विषय, ”चुनाव प्रयास,भावनाए” ,क्या सत्य हमारे लिए बुरा होगा ,नैतिक जिम्मेदारियाँ,राजनीति और निष्कर्ष नामक अध्यायों में बटी है|

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Book Review on “The Dawn of Everything”

“A Book which is eye-opner for those who think on the name of social equality and security they have achevied a lot with the help of so called “scientific knowledge”, has actually brought humanity at that juncture from where we have forgotten that we are human not mechnines.”

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Book Review on “The Gray Lady Winked”

The title The Gray Lady Winked befuddles the reader leaving him intrigued and curious. Whereas the subtitle of the book ‘How The New York Times’ Misreporting, Distortions & Fabrications Radically Alter History’ is entirely self-explanatory and gives the crux of the book which braces up the reader to quest for truth.

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Book Review of Abigail Shrier’s Irreversible Damage

Gender activism is not merely related to pride marches and rainbow flags. It has become a monster at whose altar truth, research, freedom and adolescent girls are being sacrificed while chanting politically correct pseudoscientific incantations.

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आधुनिक मन के रूपांतरण में ध्यान की भूमिका

राईट कह रहे हैं कि बुद्धिज़्म में ध्यानियों की गहरी अनुभूतियाँ तथा हिन्दुओं के अद्वैत वेदांत के ध्यानियों की गहरी अनुभूतियाँ मूलतः एक ही हैंI इसमें अंतर यह हो सकता है कि एक में आत्म-बंधन का विलय कुछ नहीं में हो रहा है, दूसरे में आत्म-बंधन का विलय दूसरी चीजों के साथ एकरूपता में हो रहा हैI

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A Book Review of “Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity and Why it Harms Everybody”

Postmodernism was particularly skeptical of science and other culturally dominant ways of legitimizing claims as “truths” and of the grand, sweeping explanations that supported them. It called them metanarratives, which it viewed as a kind of cultural mythology and a significant form of human myopia and arrogance.

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A Book Review of Anil Ananthaswamy’s “The Man Who Wasn’t There”

What is that 'I' that remains when 'me' and 'mine' falls apart? If the ego is an illusion, who is the subject of this illusion? What insights the latest neuroscience of autism, schizophrenia, depersonalisaton and similar maladies offers to this nature of the self? Anil Ananthaswamy dives deep into these questions in his book.

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‘Raiders in Kashmir: Story of the Kashmir War’. A Book Review.

Pakistan not only betrayed the author of this book - a professional army man by twice putting him behind bars, but the tribesmen were also badly let down by the wannabe Pakistani military establishment during the 1947 misadventure. 

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In the Footsteps of Hind Swaraj. The Oeuvre of the Historian and Political Thinker Dharampal – 5

Dharampal’s research into the field of indigenous education was instigated by a statement made by Mahatma Gandhi during a speech at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in 1931.

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The Male Brain. A Book Review

Male and female brains are different from the moments of conception. It is common sense that all the cells in a man’s brain and body are male. Read this impeccably researched book by Louann Brizendine.

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