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All posts by Saumya Dey

India That is Bharat. Breaking Out of the Postcolonial Rut.

India that is Bharat does not just crib and complain, it charts a path for the restoration of our subjectivity and cultural and civilizational agency.

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Why I Am Not a Liberal

Platitudes such as ‘all religions are same’ or ‘all cultures are same’ signify nothing to me, due to the simple reason that they do not illustrate a concrete empirical reality.

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The Mughal Empire – An ‘Islamicate’ State Form.

Jul 30,21by Saumya Dey

Saumya Dey debunks the theory of a "syncretic" Mughal Empire and shows that the Mughal empire was thoroughly Islamic in almost every sphere.

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Are Nation States Neutral?

Jul 13,21by Saumya Dey

The typical Indic state was a ‘Dharmic realm’. It upheld a certain sacred outlook and deployed symbols that expressed the same.

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Of ‘Idols’ and ‘Subalterns’: Western Narratives of India and Essentializing Tropes

Mar 22,21by Saumya Dey

In yet another analytical piece, Saumya Dey deconstructs the meaning of narrative, a term that that we use often but understand little.

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When an Indian Met the ‘Intimate Enemy’: Nirad Chandra Chaudhuri’s Life and Work – 2

Mar 9,21by Saumya Dey

Should one place Nirad.C. Chaudhuri in the "Bengal renaissance" of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century? Read the second part of this wonderful series on one of India's most popular writers of the modern era.

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When an Indian Met the ‘Intimate Enemy’: Nirad Chandra Chaudhuri’s Life and Work – 1

Mar 3,21by Saumya Dey

Read this brilliant analysis of the well known Indian writer Nirad.C.Chaudhuri who was equally admired and disliked by many of his contemporaries.

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How ‘Rich’ was Mughal India?

In the past two decades a concerted effort has been made by a group of compromised self-proclaimed historians like Rana Safvi and Ramachandra Guha to prove that everything good in India was brought to it by the Muslims and particularly the Mughals. One of the primary claims is that Mughal India was 'rich'. Historian Saumya Dey in this brilliant article analyzes whether even this claim was true or not.

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How the ‘Subaltern’ Speaks

In this personal experience cum sociological study, Saumya Dey explains how the real subalterns of India actually love India, its culture and heritage, and how the 'professors' who claim to speak for them are spinning yarns out of thin air, with no connection to reality. These professors like Gayatri Spivak represent no one, least of all subalterns.

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Understanding ‘Woke’

Sep 9,20by Saumya Dey

In this short brilliant piece, Saumya Dey analyzes the phenomenon of ‘wokeness’ from a deep perspective. He delves into the reasons of why would someone be attracted to the agenda of the ‘woke’ generation; why would they hate the tradition as much as they do? And what results from such woke activism. He also analyzes the roles of the ideological demagogues in misleading the youth into ‘wokeness’.

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