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Frawley’s Paradox & AIT

Einstein was fond of saying: “A theory must not contradict empirical facts". The Aryan invasion theory then clearly fails this basic test. It is now time to heed Einstein’s advice and take a look at the historical processes that led to the formation of this theory.

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Is Religion opposed to Science? A Vedic Perspective

The western tradition believes that science and religion cannot get along. But what is the Vedic perspective to this debate? Read on to find out.

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Has Hinduism changed or remained the same?

Since Hindus have historically worshipped different deities over a vast span of time and space, one wonders whether Hinduism has changed over time or not.

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The Religious World of the Vedic Harappans

We often rely on the myth that Vedic 'Aryans' invaded the Indus Valley? But archaeological finds suggest that the inhabitants of Indus-Sarasvati civilisation followed the Vedic religion. Read on to find out.

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Religious Pluralism and Freedom of Religious and Spiritual Experience

Freedom in the West, is often interpreted as the freedom of action of individual in this world. But David Frawley, in this brilliant excerpt of 'Awaken Bharata' explains how freedom has many modes and internal freedom is the freedom which Hindu Dharma has always focused upon.

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Religious Pluralism or the Unity of Religions

What does religious pluralism really mean in practice? Does it mean making all religions just the same? Does it mean an uncritical acceptance of all religions? Does pluralism, as the name sounds, actually give any choice, or is it a tyranny of an ideological dogma? David Frawley discusses these questions in this brief foray, which is an excerpt of 'Awaken Bharata'.

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A Hindu Call for Religious Pluralism

While pluralism is the by-word of today's liberalism, it is seldom practised by its own proponents. In this brief excerpt, from 'Awaken Bharata' David Frawley talks about how the offer of Hinduism is pluralist in intent and what real pluralism looks like.

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