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Understanding Poorvottar Bharat



About this Course
The course is intended to provide undergraduates with a foundational guide to the history of Poorvottar Bharat (North-East India) since the ancient times till the outbreak of the Islamic invasions and the coming of the British. It will focus on diverse aspects of the history and culture of each of the eight states of Poorvottar Bharat, and the cultural and civilizational unity they share with the rest of Bharatvarsha. It is also intended to equip students with certain basic skills including individual and group work, project research, seminar presentations, and essay writing.

What You’ll Learn
1. To enable students develop a holistic approach with respect to the history of Poorvottar Bharat.
2. To help them understand the chequered past of this region in order to make sense of the present-day state of affairs.
3. To cultivate their interest in the culture, traditions, festivals, and food habits of the people of Poorvottar Bharat.
4. To help them understand and appreciate the contributions made by the people from this region of the country in our freedom struggle.
5. To increase awareness of the youth on various important socio-political issues facing the region.


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