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Ṛtu Vidya


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About this Course

This course is based on the books ‘Ṛtu Vidya’ and ‘Women & Sabarimala’ by Sinu Joseph. This course uses the framework of women’s menstrual health to revive the Bhāratiya Jñāna Paramparā. In the process of explaining the ancient science behind menstrual practices, this course will introduce you to various Indian knowledge systems such as Ṣaḍ-Darśana, Āyurveda, Tantra, Cakra, Yōg, Āgama Śāstra, Jyotiṣa Śāstra, and several sub-texts from these categories. As a result, the course goes beyond just describing cultural practices and takes a deep dive into explaining the scientific and logical reason behind the origin of these practices and how it impacts our physiology. As explained in this course, the correct understanding of the science behind menstrual practices will help women prevent menstrual difficulties, develop a positive attitude towards menstruation, and learn how to work in sync with nature’s cycles.

One of the Sanskrit words for menstruation is Ṛtu (pronounced Rutu). Vidyā is Hindi for knowledge. The author, Sinu Joseph’s attempt to combine numerous indigenous knowledge systems that offer knowledge on the science of menstruation, which is still relevant today, is called “Ṛtu Vidyā.”

This course is intended for all Indian women who have unresolved questions about menstrual practices, menstrual researchers who will discover a wealth of potential areas for research pertaining to menstrual health, athletes who want to learn about ancient techniques that worked with women’s periods rather than against them, and feminists who believe that cultural practices surrounding menstruation are taboos that should be eliminated.


Course Information

Duration: 25 hours
Level: Introductory
Medium: English
Delivery: Online through CIS Course Platform
Contact Details: cis@indusuni.ac.in


What You’ll Learn

  1. The origin of ancient Indian knowledge systems and their basis, which will provide an introduction to the Ṣaḍ-Darśanas and Āyurveda and how it differs from modern science.
  2. The science behind celebrating menarche and the need for it.
  3. The science behind the menstrual regime, which includes menstrual seclusion, specific dietary recommendations, bathing, cooking and other rules as followed by Hindu women during menstruation, and how it impacts our menstrual health.
  4. The impact of sports on menstrual health and how sportswomen can tap into a more profound knowledge which will enable them to improve their performance without having to suffer menstrual and reproductive health issues.
  5. The influence of the moon, sun and other planets on the menstrual cycle.
  6. How to recognize the gifts of each week of the monthly menstrual cycle, which can transform your outlook on it.
  7. The science and reason for menstrual restrictions in religious places, especially Hindu temples, and the impact of breaking those rules.
  8. Details of the temples of menstruating Goddess – Chengannur Bhagavathy temple in Kerala and Ma Kamakhya temple in Assam.
  9. The Sabarimala controversy, the science behind the restriction, and how such a temple can affect women’s menstrual health.


What You’ll Get

  1. Videos of high quality, of around 25 hours, instructed by Sinu Joseph.
  2. Special guest interactions with subject-matter experts, interviewed by Sinu Joseph.
  3. Special insights into the fieldwork of Sinu Joseph through photos and video clips of interaction with rural women, which formed the basis of this work.
  4. Reference materials such as online links and books for further study.
  5. Quizzes which will make you learn faster and more thoroughly.
  6. Indus University certificate to certify that you have gone through and passed this course.
  7. Interactive sessions with the instructor from time to time.
  8. Projects where you can indirectly engage with Sinu Joseph’s endeavours.


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