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Introduction to Vedic Literature



About this Course

Vedas are the roots to our traditional culture . It is very important to understand the important aspect it deals with. Starting from the vedic deities to the logical rituals it describes.
They serve as a base to all the cultures we follow at present.
The course is intended to provide undergraduates with a foundational guide to the ancient wisdom through the Introduction to the Vaidik Literature. Vaidik Literature is considered to be the root of the Samskara, Sanskriti in Bharat. Knowing these texts, its logic and knowing the various scientific methods which were used to perform various rituals. The science of pronunciation, memorization and much more related to the Vedas shall be covered.

Important note: This is a live course where you have to attend the classes regularly conducted by the instructor. Unlike other self-paced courses in our website, you cannot access the videos any time as per your convenience. Once you enroll, you need to be present for the lecture sessions in the time and date allotted.


Course Information

Duration: 20 hours (each lecture – 60 minutes)
Level: Introductory
Medium: English & Hindi
Delivery: Online
Contact Details: cis@indusuni.ac.in


What You’ll Learn

① Introduction to Vedas
② Four Samhitas
③ Vedic dieties
④ The Brahmanas
⑤ The Aaranyakas and Upanishadas
⑥ Oral Tradition of the Vedas
⑦ The tradition of Yajnya
⑧ Vedangas : The six limbs of Veda Purusa
⑨ The tradition of Philosophy
⑩ Commentaries


What You’ll Get

➱Basic Understanding of the Vedic Literature
➱The philosophy of the vedas
➱The chronology of the vedic tradition
➱The ancient system of the Oral tradition of the vedas.

Refund Policy: Since these courses are available at subsidised rates, there is no provision for refund once you have enrolled for a course. In case you are not able to attend the course due to any unforeseen circumstances, we can accommodate you in a different course in lieu of the course you originally enrolled for.



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