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Introduction to Ayurveda



About This Course

This is a basic course of Ayurveda explaining its fundamentals to a beginner. In four chapters it discusses the history of Ayurveda, its basic principles, the Ayurvedic anatomy and the Routine.

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, has always been central to its well-being. But it is not just a system of medicine. It is a lifestyle; a way of life. In 21st century it is fast becoming an alternative medicinal system all over the world. The course explains the basics of the discipline to an aspiring student.

The course does not just teach the student about the theory and history of Ayurveda but also instructs about the routine helping the student not just to learn about Ayurveda but also to live it by bringing it into his routine.

What You’ll Learn

  • You will learn how the ancient system of Ayurveda originated and how it took its modern avatar. You will learn how a physician is trained; what are the texts and traditions of the discipline of Ayurveda.

  • You will learn the three Gunas (qualities) and three Doshas (imbalances) in the individual according to Ayurveda. You will learn the five great elements that according to Ayurveda constitute everything and also the concept of health.

  • You will learn the concepts of Ayurvedic Anatomy like the five Koshas, Nadis, Dhatus, Srotamsis and Prakritis.

  • You will get to know how to change his routine to the natural rhythm recommended by the Ayurveda through learning the cycles of time, day and night, the year, the life span and also the cycles of digestion.

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