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History of Christianity in North East India



About the Course

The course is intended to provide students with a basic guide to the history of Christianity in North-East India since the signing of the Treaty of Yandaboo and the establishment of the British rule. It will focus on diverse aspects of the history and culture of each of the seven states of the region, and the subsequent decline of Dharmic belief systems and cultures of the people with the rise of Christianity. The spread of Christianity was also marked by the rise of separatist movements in almost every state in due course of time. In this context, has there been any relationship between the Church and the unending insurgency in the North-East? What went wrong in the post-Independence era that led one state after the other to resort to a path of violence and seek secession from Bharat? What has been the nature of the conflict in the North-East? Is it political, religious, or ethnic; or, a mix of all of them? This course intends to address these questions and many more with respect to the Hindu civilization and culture of North-East India, the rise of Christianity, and insurgent movements in the North-East. It is also intended to equip students with certain basic skills including textbook reading, seminar presentations based on specific topics related to the North-East, and essay writing.


Course Information

Duration: 8 Weeks / 2 Months / 16 Lectures / 32 hours
Lecture: 90 minutes each
Frequency: Twice a Week
Medium: Bilingual (English/Hindi)
Delivery:Online through CIS Course Platform
Delivery Timings: Will be finally decided by the instructors after discussion with enrolled students
Enrollment Last Date: 30thJuly 2022
Course Start Date: 1st August 2022
Limited scholarships are available. Interested candidates can apply here: Scholarship Form (google.com)
Contact Details: cis@indusuni.ac.in


What You Will Learn

① Enabling students develop a holistic approach with respect to the history of Christianity in North-East India with special emphasis on the freedom struggle.
② Help them understand the role of the Church in the society and politics of the region.
③ Help them develop a holistic overview with regard to the different secessionist movements going on in the North-East.
④ The different religious belief systems of the people in the North-East, which are almost on the verge of near-extinction because of the overwhelming authority of the Church.
⑤ Increasing awareness of the youth on the problems of the North-East overall, especially the different insurgent outfits and their respective demands.


What You’ll Get

•Live and interactive lectures with instructors once a week.

•Special guest interaction(Ritendra Sharma, SaumyaDey) with experts to get comprehensive perspective.

•Reference material like articles, research papers, books and links to videos.

•Indus University certificate to certify that you have gone through the course


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