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Bharatvarsh: A History of India in 25 lessons



Names of Instructors

Prof. V.N. Prabhakar

Dr. Shikha Rai

Dr. Ankur Kakkar

Prof. Meenakshi Jain

Prof. Saumya Dey

Tanmay Kelkar

Ritul Basu

Lecture Titles:-

  • History Matters: The Key Question?
  • Exploring the history of Mankind: Geology, Prehistory and Primatology
  • Neolithic Period: Climate and Emergence of Early Food Producing Society
  • Fortified Life: Further Complexity
  • Harappan Civilization: Variability is Key  
  • Old Wine in New Bottle: Aryan Invasion Theory
  • Literature and Archaeology: Early Historical Period 
  • Geo-Political History of Northern and Southern Part of India
  • Intangible Heritage of Ancient India
  • An Introduction to Medieval India
  • Islamic Invasions and Hindu Resistance
  • The Kingdom of Vijayanagar
  • The Maratha Empire – 1
  • The Maratha Empire – 2
  • Islamic Iconoclasm and Hindu Perseverance
  • Cultural Encounters in Medieval Bengal

Launch Date – 10th April


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