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Giriratna Mishra


Giriratna Mishra is Gṛhastha Sādhaka and an Indologist who was born in Varanasi To Smt. Padma Mishra and Sri Raghvendra Mishra. He is B Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering and began his career in IT&C sector which he gave up and currently he practices under the guidance of his able master the famous saint of World Avadhūta Bhagvāna Rama Jī. He has also written books in the field of Tantra and those which are published are: Śrī Tantrāloka vol. – 2, 3 & 4 – 2019; Śābara Mantra Kośa (Encyclopaedia of Śābara Mantra) Vol. – 1&2 By: Dr Anupama & Giriratna Mishra – 2019; Śrī Tantrāloka vol. – 1 – 2018; Śrī Bagalatattva Prakāśikā – 2017; Śrī Mātṛkācakra Viveka – 2016; Śrī Bhūtaḍāmara Tantra – 2015 and Śrī Kālī Tantra and Śrī Rudra Caṇḍī: –2015 and Uḍḍīśa Tantra – 2015.

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