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Bharat Gupt


Bharat Gupt, a former Associate Professor in English at the College of Vocational Studies of the University of Delhi, is an Indian classicist, theatre theorist, sitar and surbahar player, musicologist, cultural analyst, and newspaper columnist.
His Doctoral Dissertation was titled “A Comparison of Greek and Indian Dramatic Theories as Given in the Poetics and the Natyasastra”. He speaks Sanskrit, Hindi, English and Greek.
Trained both in modern European and traditional Indian educational systems, he has worked in classical studies, theatre, music, culture and media studies and researched as Senior Fellow of the Onassis Foundation in Greece on revival of ancient Greek theatre. Much of his writing is devoted to classical Indian and Greek theatre, comparing their similarities and differences and exploring the possibilities of common Indo-European origins.
He is an active promoter of the re-introduction of artistic education and Sanskrit language in the Indian education system.

Some of his important publications are listed below:-
Dramatic Concepts Greek and Indian (1994);
Natyashastra, Chapter 28: Ancient Scales of Indian Music (1996) [translation into English];
Literary Criticism and Theory (Greek), Twelve Greek Poems into Hindi Indira Gandhi National Open University,Delhi (2001);
India: A Cultural Decline or Revival? (2008)

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