उदीयमान राष्ट्रदृष्टि – 1

सीता राम जी इस भाषण में बंगाल की स्थिति का विवरण दे रहे हैं जो कि उसके साम्यवाद को अपनाने के बाद हो गयी है| यह भाषण अब प्रकाशन में नहीं है परन्तु बहुत ही महत्त्वपूर्ण है और इंडिक वार्ता पर इसका प्रकाशन श्रंखला में होगा| श्रंखला में पांच लेखों की कड़ी होगी|

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How the ‘Subaltern’ Speaks

In this personal experience cum sociological study, Saumya Dey explains how the real subalterns of India actually love India, its culture and heritage, and how the 'professors' who claim to speak for them are spinning yarns out of thin air, with no connection to reality. These professors like Gayatri Spivak represent no one, least of all subalterns.

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संघ, सीता राम गोएल और जय प्रकाश नारायण – PIPL 1

यह लेख वरिष्ठ इतिहासकार सीता राम गोएल की पुस्तक 'Perversion of India's Political Parlance' के अनुवाद का पहला भाग है| इस लेख में श्री सीता राम जी जे. पी. के संघ के साथ पहली भेंट का वर्णन कर रहे हैं| यह पूरी पुस्तक लेखों की एक श्रंखला में प्रस्तुत की जायेगी Indic Varta पर| पढ़ते रहें|

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The Importance of Ashadha Month

In this beautiful excerpt, Shri Anirvan expresses what the month of Asadh really means in Sanatana culture and Indian civilization. While in the West the season is also celebrated it is mainly celebrated for its physical pleasure. In India the season is not just romantic, it means much more. It intends to take one to the spiritual heights, taking benefit of the natural rhythm of the season.

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Who is a Disbeliever or Kafir?

A disbeliever or Kafir is not simply ‘atheist’ having no belief in ‘God’. After all, there will be hardly any religion in the world which does not prescribe a belief in the God in one form or another. An atheist is obviously a Kafir. But anyone having faith in any god but Allah is also a Kafir. Moreover, if one believes in Allah in tandem with any other god or idol is still is Kafir.

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The Violence of the Romantic View of Life

In this concluding part of series on the effect of sentimental romanticism on human society, Theodore Dalrymple tells us that the romantic and sentimental view of the most important aspects of human existence are therefore intimately connected to the violence and brutality of daily life, which has almost certainly worsened in Britain over the last sixty years, notwithstanding the immense improvements in levels of physical comfort and well-being. This is an excerpt of the book ‘Spoilt Rotten – The Toxic Cult of Sentimentality’.

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Indian Muslims and the Politics of Power

Liberals and Seculars often claim that Muslims are the victims in India. Their claims are never backed by any evidence. In this article at Indic Varta, Dr. Shankar Sharan proves that the language that Islamic leaders in India use, is a language of power, and not a language of victims.

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Seven Astonishing Ideas in Indian Cosmology

The Indian cosmology, with its expansive notion of the equivalence between the outer and inner, produced many original ideas. Imaginative …

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Why do Muslims attack Dargahs?

In this brief but hard hitting article at Indic Varta, Dr. Shankar Sharan asks a very pertinent question: Why do Muslims attack Dargahs? Answering that they do this because Dargahs are considered a Hindu contamination of Shia Muslims who are considered as kaffirs by the Sunnis, he says that this should frighten and wake up the non-Muslims of the world to the reality of radical Islam.

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Why the West does not Understand Kali

With the recent Armin Navabi controversy where he insulted Goddess Kali by depicting her in a 'sexy' avatar, Nithin Sridhar tells us what the real meaning of symbolism behind Kali depiction is.

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