Did Gandhi Get India Her Independence?

There was no role of Gandhi is all these events and their repercussions. In fact, it was Sardar Vallabhai Patel who intervened in the navy rebellion and negotiated a settlement. Gandhi’s role was becoming more and more negligible.

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Does Pre-Linguistic Meaning Exist?

The division of language based on its articulatory character is the division only of audible language. But the audible language is a very late development in evolution.

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In the Footsteps of Hind Swaraj. The Oeuvre of the Historian and Political Thinker Dharampal – 5

Dharampal’s research into the field of indigenous education was instigated by a statement made by Mahatma Gandhi during a speech at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in 1931.

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The Battleground of Demons

One Christian soldier was obliged, in the course of military duty, to enter a temple to the old gods. As he went in, a drop of sacred water splashed onto his robe. Ostentatiously unable to bear it, he instantly slashed off that part of his cloak and flung it away.

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A Rebuttal to a “Spiritual-Secularist” Namesake Hindu

Hinduism was saved in India only with the rise of Hindu political power through Vijayanagar empire, Marathas, Rajputs, Nayakas, Sikhs and other countless kingdoms and warriors

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The Moplah Atrocity of 1921: Rebellion or Genocide?

Regarding the atrocities committed by the Moplah jihadists in Malabar, the then Viceroy wrote: "The Moplah rioters committed horrific atrocities on Hindus for no reason. Their only crime was that they were infidels.

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Defining a Kavya

Kavya-ki-atma, the essential element of a literary composition, is a concept that has been consistently evoked by all theorists.

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The Amrutheshwara Temple of Amruthapura

An interesting feature of the temple is that the lamp inside the temple has been burning for the past 200 years! It consumes almost a litre of oil daily.

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The Boy Who Recalled Dying in World War II. Exploratory Studies in Reincarnation.

James, a boy born to educated American parents Andrea and Bruce Leininger, started having nightmares when he was two. He would scream in terror and would say, “Airplane crash, on fire, little man can’t get out.”

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In the Footsteps of Hind Swaraj. The Oeuvre of the Historian and Political Thinker Dharampal – 2

In an attempt to comprehend the immediate causes for the disoriented functioning of Indian state and society, Dharampal began examining the proceedings of the Indian Constituent Assembly (1946-1949). This investigation was published as a cogent monograph in 1962.

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