The Mysterious Phenomenon of Consciousness. Exploratory Studies in Reincarnation

What is consciousness? The phenomenon of consciousness eludes precise scientific definition. Read this excerpt from the book ‘Demystifying Reincarnation’ by Shri Chaitanya Charan Das Ji to explore into questions of consciousness and identity. Watch this space for the second part of this excerpt.

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A Scientist’s Tryst with Reincarnation: Remembering Dr. Ian Stevenson

Read this fascinating account of a scientist's exploration into reincarnation. Do we really need any more proof about reincarnation?

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The Significance of 108 in Indian Cosmology

I ultimately found the answer to the mystery of these numbers while researching early astronomy. I discovered that the Indians correctly estimated this to be the distance between the Earth and the in Sun-diameter units, and the distance between the Earth and the Moon in Moon-diameter units.

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Ways of the Mystics 3 – Gurdjieff and the 24-hour Rule

In this article, Ankit Sharma discusses how the famous European mystic Gurdijeff instituted the 24 hours rule and how it can help us in managing a lot of our problems, worldly as well as spiritual.

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Ways of the Jnanis 2 – When U.G. Krishnamurthi met Ramana Maharishi

In this second part of the series on brief snippets out of the reservoirs of Ultimate Knowledge in India, author Ankit Sharma explains a meeting between U. G. Krishnamurti and Shri Ramana Maharshi. He gives us a window into an event which might have influenced the life of U. G. K. more than the world realizes it did.

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तंत्र १ : भारत – एक आध्यात्मिक संस्कृति

इस लेख माला के पहले लेख में डॉ. रजनीश मिश्र तुलना करते हैं तीन महान संस्कृतियों की और यह बताते हैं कि भारतीय संस्कृति की विशेषता क्या है और क्यों उसे एक ज्ञान संस्कृति के रूप में ही सदैव देखा जाता रहा है। इसके पश्चात वो आगम और निगम ग्रंथों की संक्षिप्त परिभाषा देते हुए परा और अपरा विद्याओं के बारे में बताते हैं। यह लेख माला तंत्र पर है और इस लेख में एक पृष्ठभूमि देकर लेखक आगे तंत्र के बारे में विस्तार करेंगे।

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Finding the Middle Path – Ways of the Mystics

In this beautiful reimagining of an episode of the life of Buddha, Ankit Sharma stresses the instruction of Buddha for the common man – about how to follow the Middle Path.

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When The Journey To Happiness Throws Two Paths

Almost every thinking Indian must have had this dilemma at least once in his mind: whether to enjoy life or to pursue the Ultimate Truth and devote one's life to knowledge. Nithin Sridhar in this brief piece answers this question.

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The Doctrine of a Dead Man – A Pagan View of Christianity

Gnostics saw in the Jewish messiah—the Zaddikite figure that later morphed into the Christian redeemer, Jesus Christ—a counterfeit revealer and a bogus model of humanity. His claim to exclusivity as the “only-begotten Son of God” was simply a lie intended to set up an authority that could not be challenged by mere mortals. In the tradition of the Mysteries, revealers appear periodically through the ages to enlighten and teach.

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The Language of the Indian Mystics

There are several ways by which our mystic-authors may (and actually do) present the so-called ineffable. I can identify at least three broad ways by which they accomplish it. This does not mean, however, that the mystics have been lying or deceiving themselves when they have been claiming IME. I take the IME Ineffability of Mystical Experience doctrine to be a warning signal to the readers (or hearers) to alert them against a facile understanding (a misunderstanding) of what the mystics say, such an understanding being based upon a too literal interpretation of their words. The words of the mystics are generated by a flash of inspiration and a similar sympathetic feeling may be needed in order to fully grasp their message.

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