Is Shakti Force?

We often tend to assume that Shakti is represented by force alone but is there something deeper to the worship of Shakti. Sir John Woodroffe explains here.

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From Sikhs into Singhs

Apr 3,21by Ram Swarup

There were two fronts and two movements working simultaneously. They were closely interlinked. One was to separate the Sikhs from the Hindus. The other was the conversion of the Sikhs themselves into a single category of the Keshdhari Sikhs

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Adi Shankara’s critique of Buddhism

While maintaining the existence of only Brahman in the absolute sense, Sankara posits that the experience of the world is not invalid at the time of that experience.

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Indra – The Supreme Deity of Rig Veda

In this article, Rekha Rao explains why Indra is regarded as the supreme deity in the Rigveda. Read this fascinating story of one of the most celebrated gods in the Hindu pantheon.

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The Mighty Sarasvati

Is Sarasvati only a river? How is it described in the vedic literature? Read this excerpt from Michel Danino's work to know more.

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Hindu Roots of Sikhism-3

Feb 13,21by Ram Swarup

How did Sikhism come to be seen as a separate religion? Was it due to the political interests of the British rulers in India? Read on to know.

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Agni Vidya: A Kindling of Inner Fire

What is the inner ritual and how does it involve fire? the story of Nachiketa gives us an answer. Read on to find out.

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Has Hinduism changed or remained the same?

Since Hindus have historically worshipped different deities over a vast span of time and space, one wonders whether Hinduism has changed over time or not.

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An Open Letter to ‘Religiously Open-Minded’ Hindus

A letter to the Hindus who are dangerously "generous" and choose to live in a world of their fantasies which is more than ideal and their 'well wishers':

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Religion and Culture

What is the relationship between religion and culture. A secular state claims to not touch religion and let it flourish and yet can religion survive at all without culture? Does the same apply on Hindu dharma.

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