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The glory of charity and Sustainable Food Initiative (C20_Indic Wisdom Series_Sustainable Lifestyle)

From the very first, it was a part of the ancient Indian’s philosophy that they appreciated the importance of generating finest possible food products besides helping people to grow also. Moreover, apart from sustainably intensifying food production, they also believed in contributing in the best ways possible, leaving no issue of landfills and thus supporting communities and saving all the resources utilized to produce that food from going to waste. This is because, in the Hindu mindset, providing access to healthy and sustainable food for others was a part of their Karma and Dharma. Thus, they paved the way to protect and feed people and animals and sustain the Mother Earth. Keeping the above benefits in mind, let us see in the following content what the Shiva Purana talks about the glory of feeding people and other forms of charities.

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Cooking vs. Consumerism – How Cooking can defeat the Food Corporate

Sep 13,20by Michael Pollan

This article talks about how the food corporate with ‘rational logic’ and arguments about ‘saving time’ destroyed home cooking in the West. The obvious goal was to promote food processing industry and destroy the culture of eating whole foods, even at home. Michael Pollan calls for cooking at home again, from whole foods in order to defeat the food corporate and its designs on human culture. This is an excerpt from ‘Cooked’.

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Between Nature and Culture – Where the Cooks Dare to Tread

Sep 7,20by Michael Pollan

In this fourth installment of the ongoing series, Michael Pollan tells us how the cook connects Nature with human Culture. He tells us how cooking is a form of achievable alchemy in which inedible and tasteless food is suddenly transformed into something tasty, healthy and edible. This is an excerpt from the book ‘Cooked’.

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Four Ways of Cooking

Sep 5,20by Michael Pollan

In this article, Michael Pollan discusses how there are basically four ways of cooking: grilling with fire, cooking with liquid, baking bread, and fermenting all sorts of things. And how they are based on four basic elements: fire, water, air and earth. It is with basically these four techniques that the world cooks its food. This is an excerpt from the book ‘Cooked’ by Michael Pollan.

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The Death of Cooking – How Corporate Invaded Our Food

Sep 1,20by Michael Pollan

In this brief foray into the history of food corporate in the West, Michael Pollan analyzes how the decline in cooking in America was not a natural phenomenon as often touted by experts. It was actively encouraged by the food corporate which stood of benefit maximally from decline in cooking. He tells us the story of how America handed over its food independence to industry, increasing many illnesses and imbalances in society. If we don’t take heed this might happen to India too. This is the excerpt from the introduction of the book ‘Cooked’.

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The Cooking Hypothesis

In this passage, Michael Pollan mentions how cooking has been central to human evolution. While scientists have proposed many hypotheses which postulate the reason for the quick development of human brain, Pollan shows how cooking could have been the process which fast forwarded the evolution of human brain. Read this brilliant excerpt from the introduction of his book ‘Cooked’, on the same subject.

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