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Culture & Civilization

Lakshmi Devi Temple, Doddagaddavalli – the Hidden Gem

The beautiful Lakshmi Devi Temple, Doddagaddavalli is one of the oldest surviving Hoysala temples. It is another hidden gem about which not much is known.

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The Chandramouleswara Temple, Arasikere

This is the second part of the travelogue series by Brigadier A.P. Singh in which he describes the temples of South India. This particular article is about the beautiful Chandramouleswara Temple of Arasikere

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Is pluralism the same thing as moral or cultural relativism? This brilliant excerpt from Felipe Fernandez-Armesto's book makes the case for why need to move away from religious dogmatism.

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A Way to Understand the Birthmark Cases. Exploratory Studies in Reincarnation.

Are birthmarks and birth defects indicative of an injury in the previous life? How do we explain the injury to one physical body showing up in another physical body? In this excerpt from Dr. Jim Tucker’s book ‘Life before Life’, Dr. Tucker explains how fatal wounds from a past life can manifest as birthmarks or birth defects in the present life.

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The Boy Who Was His Own Grandfather. Exploratory Studies in Reincarnation.

Does Consciousness continue after death? What does science say about reincarnation? Indic Varta takes you on a fascinating journey of a scientific exploration into the question of reincarnation through a series of excerpts of cases of children with past life memories from Dr. Jim Tucker’s book ‘Life before Life’.

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“A trans-scientific system ?”Ayurveda Knowledge System – 5

In this article, P. Ram Manohar explains that Ayurveda is a trans-scientific system of knowledge that accepts but transcends the method of science.

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“Intuition and Reason”. Ayurveda Knowledge System – 4

In this article, P.Ram Manohar explains that Ayurvedic treatment is a carefully thought out design to skilfully control the opposing factors that work behind a disease so as to favorably influence the attempts to restore health and well-being.

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“Experience as the Foundation of Knowledge”. Ayurveda Knowledge System – 2

In this article, P. Ram Manohar explains how Ayurvedic texts takes us on a journey from ignorance to wisdom and finally transcendence to a realm that is beyond all kinds of proof.

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Ayurveda as a Knowledge System – 1

In this article, P.Ram Manohar explains how Ayurveda is a knowledge system that facilitates self-transformation and awakening of the consciousness.

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Moral Blindness in the Name of “Tolerance”

Does the ubiquitous fashion of tolerance and moral relativism induce us to overlook obvious moral wrongs? Sam Harris dwells upon this question here.

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