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“A trans-scientific system ?”Ayurveda Knowledge System – 5

In this article, P. Ram Manohar explains that Ayurveda is a trans-scientific system of knowledge that accepts but transcends the method of science.

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“Intuition and Reason”. Ayurveda Knowledge System – 4

In this article, P.Ram Manohar explains that Ayurvedic treatment is a carefully thought out design to skilfully control the opposing factors that work behind a disease so as to favorably influence the attempts to restore health and well-being.

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“Experience as the Foundation of Knowledge”. Ayurveda Knowledge System – 2

In this article, P. Ram Manohar explains how Ayurvedic texts takes us on a journey from ignorance to wisdom and finally transcendence to a realm that is beyond all kinds of proof.

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Ayurveda as a Knowledge System – 1

In this article, P.Ram Manohar explains how Ayurveda is a knowledge system that facilitates self-transformation and awakening of the consciousness.

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Moral Blindness in the Name of “Tolerance”

Does the ubiquitous fashion of tolerance and moral relativism induce us to overlook obvious moral wrongs? Sam Harris dwells upon this question here.

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A Scientist’s Tryst with Reincarnation: Remembering Dr. Ian Stevenson

Read this fascinating account of a scientist's exploration into reincarnation. Do we really need any more proof about reincarnation?

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Going beyond gender stereotypes

Lack of awareness about gender differences disadvantages both girls and boys. Acknowledging innate tendencies and gender differences in men and women can help dismantle gender stereotypes. How? Read this excerpt from Leonard Sax’s book.

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Sexual Liberation: Is It The Same For Men And Women?

Baring your skin is not a badge of sexual liberation. The corollary - that female immodesty is a sign of liberation- is deceptive. Read this excerpt from Leonard Sax’s book, Girls on the edge

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The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine: A Book Review

More than 99 percent of male and female genetic coding is exactly the same. Out of the thirty thousand genes in the human genome, less than one percent variation is small. But that percentage difference influences every single cell in our bodies. Read this wonderful book by Louann Brizendine to know more.

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Are Emotions Real?

When you feel angry, are you 'really' angry? Is your emotion a reaction to the environment? Read this excerpt from Lisa Feldman Barrett's bestselling book to help answer these questions.

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