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Gender-Critical Feminism

Men and women were considered to be very different, and women were considered to be inferior. Feminism was the sex/gender heterodoxy then. This isn’t ancient history, it was true as recently as the 1970s, but it’s history nonetheless. The moment we’re in right now, when it comes to sex and gender, does not fit this binary structure. Now the heterodoxy is plural, and its factions are in fierce disagreement with each other. Read More

Profile PhotoHolly Lawford-SmithApril 27, 2023

Signifcance of Installing Wells and Lakes for Sustainable Development of Society (C20_Indic Wisdom Series_Sustainable Lifestyle)

The following piece is taken from the Padma Purana that teaches us how by providing both aesthetic value and environmental sustainability, installation of wells and tanks can also enhance our home and community's worth and appeal. This small but eco-friendly initiative brings lots of personal, financial and environmental benefits. The ancient Hindus understood this well and made proper use of this wise investment. And, as a result, they enjoyed the rewards of Mother Nature for a prolonged time reducing the dependency on main water source and in this way contributed to India’s water future.Read More

Profile PhotoPadma PuranaApril 26, 2023

Tale of Prthu and Mother Earth: Lessons on Sustainable Prosperity (C20_Indic Wisdom Series_Sustainable Lifestyle)

The following piece is taken from Padma Purana that teaches us- it is the Mother Earth that looks after everyone of us and hence it is also our foremost responsibility to take care of Her. This is Dharma. And, the scripture also reminds us that the balance of nature is essential to keep mankind alive and live in harmony with others. This specific part from the grand Padma Purana is chosen to highlight the importance of custom of preserving and conserving natural resources, on which the Hindus have pondered long back. Read More

Profile PhotoPadma PuranaApril 24, 2023

Voice of India and its contribution to Hindu scholarship

At a time when Hindu renaissance seems to be on the horizon, it is only fitting that we gratefully remember Ram Swarup and Sita Ram Goel, the rishis of our times. Their writings will continue to inspire generations of Hindus in the years to come.Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Shreerang GodboleApril 24, 2023

The Case Against the Sexual Revolution: A New Guide to Sex in the 21st Century

The technology shock of the Pill led sexualliberals to the hubristic assumption that our society could beuniquely free from the oppression of sexual norms and couldfunction just fine. The last sixty years have proved that assumptionto be wrong. We need to re-erect the social guard rails that have beentorn down. And, in order to do that, we have to start by stating theobvious. Sex must be taken seriously. Men and women are different.Read More

Profile PhotoLouise PerryApril 22, 2023

The End of Gender: Debunking the Myths about Sex and Identity in Our Society

The propensity for science denial will always be there, because the truth about who we are is uncomfortable. Opinions are too quickly made based on which side you stand on and what the right answer is for your side. Sometimes we have to take a breath, pull ourselves back, and ask why we believe the things that we do.Read More

Profile PhotoDebra SohApril 22, 2023

The Importance of Tulasī and Dhatri (C20_Indic Wisdom Series_Sustainable Lifestyle)

The article highlights how worshipping certain plants are given special emphasis and mention in the sacred texts of Hinduism. Here, we have considered the case of tulasi and dhatri (popularly known as amalaki) and their glory as found in the demonstration of Padma Purana. Both the plants have made their place in centre of household religious devotion of Hindus from ancient times and their needs, warmth and attention are still felt till today in every home all over India. In this way from the beginning of their civilization the Hindus have preserved and promoted the country’s ecological balance with immense care as prescribed in their holy texts.Read More

Profile PhotoPadma PuranaApril 21, 2023

Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters

This book is not about transgender adults, though in the course of writing it I interviewed many—those who present as women and those who present as men. They are kind, thoughtful, and decent. They describe the relentless chafe of a body that feels all wrong, that seems somehow a lie. It is a feeling that has dogged them for as long as they can remember.Read More

Profile PhotoAbigail ShrierApril 21, 2023

Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism

This book is about sex, and about the mysterious thing known as ‘gender’. It is about how, in the first quarter of the twenty-first century – quite unexpectedly – a philosophical theory about something called ‘gender identity’ gripped public consciousness, strongly influencing UK and international institutions, and causing protests and even violence.Read More

Profile PhotoKathleen StockApril 21, 2023

Is Khayāl A Dhrupad Form?

Present is a working paper on how Indian music was Islamised, but only on the surface as the Islamists did not have the knowledge, skill, or imagination to go beyond nominal changes. Yet most Indians, uneducated in our ancient traditions lapped this narrative up and gave it currency. Here are arguments to show that Khayāl is a name given by the Islāmists, to a rather attractive Dhrupad  form of singing which existed before the plunder of this part of the world began.Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Subroto RoyApril 17, 2023