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Misplaced Insistence on Science

The insistence of explaining everything in Veda through current science or to dismiss Bhakti as ‘emotiveness’ are born out of complete misunderstanding the difference between science, psychology, and divinity. Again, to dismiss everything that has no ‘scientific explanation’ is dogmatic.

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Will the Modi Government Integrate POK?

India has to act and take POK into its fold. This view has been expressed in no uncertain terms by many a Kashmiris.

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Using Gundecha Moral Turpitude to Undermine Bhāratiya Traditions

Top bands of USA have serious allegations pending against them, yet leftist vultures who want to shred all our Sanatana systems to pieces, do not have the guts to call them out in their hypocritical statements all over the social media.

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Dishonesty of Colonial ‘Scholars’: The Case of Monier Williams

In this interesting piece, Dr Subroto Roy raises many questions about the authenticity of the work produced by European Indologists and argues that were driven by an agenda.

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The ‘Collected Works of Swami Vivekananda’ and Some Discrepancies

In this piece, Subroto Roy brings forth more evidence in support of the claim that the Collected Works of Swami Vivekananda are not a faithful reproduction of the original writings of the Swami.

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Did Swami Vivekananda Praise Islam?

In this article, Dr. Subroto Roy examines the controversy over the alleged letter of Swami Vivekananda in which he is supposed to have praised Islam. But did the Swami ever write such a letter?

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Ghazwāa-e-Hindustāni Sangīt

Did Hindustani music result from a collaboration between Hindu and Muslim artists? Dr. Subroto Roy shatters many common misconceptions in this rare and insightful piece.

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‘Ism’ is no small conspiracy

In this insightful article, Dr. Subroto Roy explains why Hindus need to be cautious about Sanatana Dharma being classified as another 'ism'.

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Misappropriation of North Indian Art Music

Mar 17,21by Dr. Subroto Roy

Due to predominantly Muslim names in the world of North Indian Art Music (NIAM), we have been convinced that the music has Arabic or Islamic roots. However, the Moghuls could convert the artistes, but failed to change what they sang and played as it required very high levels of understanding and cultural knowledge to do so.

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