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She Remembered Her Killer from Her Previous Life. Exploratory Studies in Reincarnation.

Sunita had gone with her grandmother to a neighbouring village, to attend a condolence meeting. She was playing with other children outside the house. When a certain woman came to the house and joined the condolence meeting, Sunita became frightened. She ran and clung to her grandmother saying, “She will kill me again.”

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Evidence of Extrasensory Perception. Exploratory Studies in Reincarnation.

It was a very hot summer day when one of Anoop Singh’s aunts, who had come to visit them, remarked, “Today it is so hot that I would not like to be burned, even if I am dead.” Anoop Singh was playing nearby and said, “Nothing will happen to you if they burn you when you are dead.” His parents were surprised to hear this.

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