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All posts by Rabinarayan Swain

Śri Rāma: Beyond Indology, History and Social Justice

Rāma surrounds, teaches, protects and pervades the entire life of a Hindu and at the end of his life its RāmaNāma that liberates him. So for a Hindu, Rāma is a very much a living reality, his God.

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Book Review on A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century

A dog has no need to know the definition of loyalty or a bicycler don't need to know the physics behind motion, friction and all to ride one. Similarly our customs, habits and tradition they don't have to offer any other justification if the society having no problems due to them.

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Book Review of Abigail Shrier’s Irreversible Damage

Gender activism is not merely related to pride marches and rainbow flags. It has become a monster at whose altar truth, research, freedom and adolescent girls are being sacrificed while chanting politically correct pseudoscientific incantations.

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A Book Review of Debra Soh’s “THE END OF GENDER”

The UK reported a 4,400 percent rise over the previous decade in teenage girls seeking gender treatments in 2018. In the same year more than 2600 scientists including 9 noble laureates signed a petition endorsing gender spectrum theory. In US 3 year old kids are being put on hormone therapy. Debra Soh in her book attempts to dispel some of these anti science woke myths.

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A Book Review of Anil Ananthaswamy’s “The Man Who Wasn’t There”

What is that 'I' that remains when 'me' and 'mine' falls apart? If the ego is an illusion, who is the subject of this illusion? What insights the latest neuroscience of autism, schizophrenia, depersonalisaton and similar maladies offers to this nature of the self? Anil Ananthaswamy dives deep into these questions in his book.

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How Dharma can Help Survive us in a Fragile World?

Times of crises are when one's svadharma is tested. In these times, we get to know how strong the cultural foundations of our society are, how strong we ourselves are, standing upon those foundations. In this article, author Rabinarayan Swain has attempted to explain in simple terms how to have a grip on our mental and physical health in these hard times.

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