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Limits of Language

Speech is known by the wise knowers of the Vedas to be made up of four parts. Three of these – Para, the Shabda-Brahman; Pasyanti, unformed language; and Madhyama, mental language – lie unmanifested in the depths of one’s being. It is only the fourth that people speak.     - Rig Veda, 1.164.45

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Philosophy of Language in the Vaiyakarana Tradition

The Indian conception of language differs in three ways from the Western: Language is speech, not writing (script); Language is a cognitive system (not, primarily, a means of communication); and  Language is a constructivist system (not a representational one).

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Defining a Kavya

Kavya-ki-atma, the essential element of a literary composition, is a concept that has been consistently evoked by all theorists.

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Art and Creativity in Indian Tradition

What is the conception of art in Indian tradition? Read this insightful excerpt from Kapil Kapoor's work to find out.

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