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Cave, Cosmos, and Consciousness Connection: The Origin of Sacred Space

India also has many natural caves from north to south and east to west, which early humans used as shelters and living spaces. The emptiness of the cave might have given them the expression of the sky (Aakasha Tattva), and the sky is the origin place for all celestial and non-celestial beings. Later, these caves became an example of another temple’s architectural development as the space in the temple was observed as Garbhagriha.

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Integrating Ecology, Economy, and Ethnicity: Archaeological Anthropology

Apart from political agenda, do we ever think about the community’s engagement in knowing their origin and trying to preserve it for the next generation?  This paper is an attempt to incorporate heritage, economy, ecology, and culture, making sense for laypeople.

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‘Vanamuthassi’: The Grandmother of Forest

Lakshmikutty, a member of the Kani tribe, lives in a small, thatched hut in the forests of Kallar near Ponmudi, Thiruvananthapuram. Even at the age of 75, she ventures into the woods to collect herbs needed for treatment. Lakshmikutty Amma is an inspiration for the coming generation devoting her life to preserving traditional knowledge of medicine and natural healers.

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Shri Mahesh Sharma Ji: Man of Mission  

In today’s world, where everything is driven by money, we have few people who think much about them. We are celebrating Earth Day today. The theme for this year is Invest in Our Planet. Today will talk about a person who has devoted his life to restoring old traditions with the Indic traditional knowledge system and bringing change to the Adivasis of Jhabua district, Madhya Pradesh.

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Dholavira Village: Cultural Diversity and Ecological Constraint

Pastoral Communities and Threats to their Animals

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Book Review on “The Dawn of Everything”

“A Book which is eye-opner for those who think on the name of social equality and security they have achevied a lot with the help of so called “scientific knowledge”, has actually brought humanity at that juncture from where we have forgotten that we are human not mechnines.”

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