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The wonder of Abhinav Gupta (Part 2)

If Bhartṛhari gives a cognitive science of language, Utpaladeva and Abhinavagupta give a recognitive science. What we need is a recognitive science which is not yet there. In the west, there is cognitive science but there is no recognitive science… And it took thousand years after Abhinavgupta for contemporary Particle Physics to figure out that if these two questions are answered together, the product of their error will be constant. And, that principle is popularly called the Uncertainty Principle.

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The wonder of Abhinav Gupta (Part 1)

Abhinavgupta delves deep into the phenomenology of doubt. And, when it comes to Kaali at the beginning of the method of knowing ascertainment, he defines her the as Sanghar Kaali or destructive Kaali. Now you will be surprised by knowing what is this meant by destruction. What is destroyed? At the beginning of knowledge, Abhinavgupta answers that it is doubt which is destroyed.

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