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Faculty Positions for Indian Knowledge System (IKS)

Jun 27,23by admin

The Centre for Indic Studies, Indus University invites applications for full-time faculty positions from bright and highly motivated candidates with a sound aptitude for high-quality research. We strongly encourage applications from candidates who are passionate about Indic causes and who would like to work for serving and strengthening Sanatana Dharma.

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Indic Essay Competition on India That is Bharat

Apr 19,22by admin

Today, we are launching an essay competition on India That is Bharat. Registrations are open !

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Do All Religions Have the Same Goal?

For us Dharma is universal. It is not mandated by anybody. It is not history. It was not given out by somebody, a special person telling us, “Do not do this, do this. This should be done, and this should not be done.” Any given person did not give these kinds of mandates, in history, at a given time. Before the advent of that person also there were human beings; one cannot say that they did not have any matrix of value, dharma.

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Gandhi on Education

It is my conviction that our children get nothing more in the high schools than a half-baked knowledge of English, besides a superficial knowledge of mathematics and history and geography some of which they had learnt in their own language in the primary classes.

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Centre for Indic Studies is Hiring

Dec 8,20by admin

Centre for Indic Studies (CIS) invites applications for the position of Research Associate.

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Dharma, Nature and Agro-Ecology – 1

Apr 19,20by admin

In this first part of a series, agro-ecologist Dr. Aditya Dhopatkar explains the origin of life on earth and how everything is interconnecetd. He tells us the interconnectedness and the functions of not only the living beings but also the part that the inanimate material plays in the greater ecological scheme.

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