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What is a Woman? – A Documentary Film Review

June 12, 2023 Authored by: Deepika Sharma

While many of us might still find this question strange and ludicrous, maybe even laughable, there are some who want to distort the meaning of gender and sex and woman and man to a point of reducing them to a big and bold question mark. The woke gender activists have reduced sex and gender to imaginative, convenient, detachable tags that one wears and drops at convenience. “You are what you identify as”, is the slogan and motto of these activists. But if you ask them to define the very thing that they “identify as” they have no idea, they have no answers.

I identify as a woman so I am a woman. But what is a woman? Can the people who give free passes to identify as woman or man Even define these terms? After all, it is only common sense to expect that if one wants to be something, a man or a woman even, they must know what does it mean to be a woman, what is a woman. So Matt Walsh, sets out to seek the answer to this conundrum. He is an American right-wing political commentator and author. He also hosts The Matt Walsh Show podcast and is a columnist for The Daily Wire. He has authored four books.

In this documentary by The Daily Wire online What Is a Woman?, he can be seen interviewing and questioning many people from the field of science, neuroscience, scholars, researchers, activists, sex change surgeon, paediatrician, to arrive at the answer to the question which is also the title of the documentary.

The responses and reactions that he gets  are  eye-opening, they are wake up call for those who care about the direction in which the society is headed in. While some refuse to answer the question at all, others think the answer is very simple. While some declare the  interviewer a bigot, imputing ulterior motive and extremism to this very simple question, others simply do not wish to take the risk to be cancelled by answering. As unbelievable as it might seem, he fails to find the answer from those who claim to identify as women and from those who support such claims and even from those who have performed surgeries, administered drugs on children to distort their gender identities. However, when he reaches out to the tribes located far away from America, he finds no confusion, not even a bit about what is woman and what is a man.

This documentary is a must watch for those who do not understand what the gender theory entails in practice, and also for those who deliberately shut their eyes to the consequences of this menace that this transgender movement is responsible for. Students who see their classmates carrying rainbow banners, sloganeering for women’s rights should watch this movie so they are not caught up in the propaganda which presents something nefarious as noble, and wants to replace depravity for morality.

Basically anyone and everyone who wants to understand and question this movement, this madness can watch this documentary so they know that  asking the right questions itself is equal to putting up a fight in this battle.

The documentary throws light on the collective fraud, the collective conspiracy of a certain segment of intellectuals, ideologues, even doctors, surgeons, authors and activists to mess with the facts of gender and sex and of womanhood and manhood.

There is no absolute concept of a man or absolute concept of a woman at all, said the Chief Justice of India during hearings on the issue of legalisation of same-sex marriage.Reducing “man” and “woman” to some concepts, concepts which are not absolute, not based on genitals, the Chief Justice of India drew from the same woke ideas that are leading many Western countries towards a social, cultural, and civilizational doom. The same ideas that this documentary is calling out.

While a certain elite sitting in their chambers in India is imposing its ideas steeped in distortion, no actually, absolute deliberate denial of gender and sex, a large number of Indian masses are acutely unaware, oblivious to the existence of such an obfuscation of something as simple, as basic as gender. And these people cannot be questioned, cannot be called out without understanding the problem that they are creating.

This documentary is definitely a good start towards forging that understanding.  So it is as relevant for us as a nation as it is Americans.

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