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AntiBrahmanism of Church Missionaries

February 16, 2023 Authored by: Deepika Sharma

AntiBrahmanism has almost become an ideology in Bharat today. The incumbent Hindtuvavadis are also thoughtlessly participating in this ideology. It is important for people who are ignorant of History that they think about the appalling situation while making policy decisions.

They can themselves verify that vilification of Brahmans was started by Christian missionaries, who are sworn enemies of Hindu Dharma. Prior to Christian missionaries all local-foreign writers, scholars, etc. unanimously and unequivocally praised Brahmans and Hindu society.

Francis Xavier was the first to attack Brahmans in the 16th century. He said that since Brahmans had an influence on the society, therefore, to convert Hindus to Christianity it was important to destroy that. This is the basis and essence of theory and practice/behaviour of Brahman antagonism. That can be examined even today. Every Brahman traducer also nonchalantly supports dividing the Hindu society and destroying Hindu Dharma. That is, Anti Brahminism is mainly and finally nothing but a policy to obliterate Hindu society.

Both sly tactics and force have been employed for this. This was also started by Francis Xavier, however, Portuguese colonial rulers did not provide them with enough army. Even then, Xavier wreaked havoc by inflicting injustice and violence on an unparalleled and terrorising level in Goa. He proudly expressed the delight he derived by destroying Hindu temples. Therefore, after a battle when Hindu kings used to enter into a peace treaty with the Portuguese they used to make them write in the treaty that the Portuguese won’t kill the Brahmans.

But the ideological ictus by missionaries was deadlier. The ill-effects of that ictus are blooming even today. Incessant propaganda has led to infiltration of the education system with the same toxicity which is fixedly used against the Hindu society. Most of our politicians and intellectuals today believe the narrative motivated by Brahman-animosity to be true despite such materials can only be traced to Church missionary publications and to be found nowhere else. Inequality, special respect/treatment, etc. are human tendencies or shortcomings which are found everywhere in human society. But in Bharat this has been distorted and ‘Brahmanvad’ has been sculpted. According to Dr. Koenraad Elst, ‘‘Apart from the Jew-antagonism, Brahman-antagonism is the only biggest propaganda campaign run by the missionaries in world history.

Dr. Shankar Sharan is Professor of Political Science at the NCERT, New Delhi

In fact, first the missionaries tried to proselytise Brahmans so that it becomes easy to convert other Hindus. This strategy of missionaries to convert the prominent section of people to Christianity and then coax the rest into conversion was successful to some extent in China, Japan and Korea. But when they were not successful in converting the Brahmans, the Brahmans became their enemies. Then the policy to obliterate Brahmans was adopted. Only the ways to implement or execute this policy were different. Robert De Nobili used to believe deception to be more useful than violence. He used to dress in Brahman attire, call himself a Roman Brahman and proclaim Yeshurveda(Jesus Veda) as the fifth Veda. He used to tell people that this Veda has been lost in Bharat but is safe and preserved in Rome.

That is, first the missionaries had a high-class policy. St. Paul actively supported the slavery. Pope Gregory (16-17th century) asked the Church in India to adopt caste-discrimination. Till 18-19th century the Church vehemently opposed the idea of equality. It was supportive of distinguished-class, hierarchical rule.It was only in the past 150 years that the Church changed its position in the wake of rising surge in support of the idea of equality and started claiming to be an ally of the exploited-oppressed.

Hence, there is no signal of concern for ‘lower’ castes till before hundred and twenty five years, which they claim to have had now. Even today, many Churches in Goa have separate gates for entry-exit for lower and upper castes, such things have never existed in Hindu temples.

Missionary organisations are pro-Dalit only to the extent that it is useful in breaking/dividing Hindu society. They also appropriate Dr. Ambedkar selectively while maintaining silence on Ambedkar’s views on Aryan invasion theory, destruction of Buddhism, Hindu-Muslim conflict.

So, St. Thomas or St. Xavier did not come to Bharat with any message of ‘equality’. Violence, humbuggery, deception were their real means of expansion. Church missionaries are using Dalits as just pawns in this religious expansionism just like they tried to do with Brahmans in the beginning. Their failure in proselytising Brahmans led to their extreme Brahman hatred. It is only due to false propaganda by Church missionaries that we get to hear only negative things about caste. Caste has been falsely conflated to mean enmity and oppression. The mutual familial bond, cooperation, and security aspects of the caste system have been deliberately and purposefully suppressed whereas all castes have had pride in it. This is evident from British survey documents that were conducted in Bharat. All castes had their own pride. Any inferiority complex in them was hardly to be found compared to how it has been unrealistically publicised today. In fact, it is also to the credit of the caste that Hindus were able to survive as Hindus even after Islamic and Christian onslaughts. Hindu society did not get wiped of like African and West Asia were Islam managed to annihilate civilizations completely only in a period of few years.

In the past one century, forest dwelling and lower caste Hindus have been the main target of missionaries. They falsely propagate Brahmans as the ‘oppressors’ and missionaries as the ‘saviors’. Infesting the education system with Brahman-hatred is nothing but a step in the direction of destroying Hindus. Distorted version of Indian History and culture is taught in missionary schools. Due to continued publication and propagation innocent children imbibe many false narratives. They don’t even know that all castes have had great Gurus, poets, scholars, saints and intellectuals.

In fact, Brahmans have also performed the task of bringing back into the Hindu fold those Hindus who were forcefully converted to Christianity and Islam. This was also a reason behind the wrath of missionaries. Abbe Dubois and Rev. Norman Macleod also heaped humiliations and abuses against Brahmans. Dubois called Brahmans a storehouse of evil because they resisted the expansion of the Church.

This was the conduct of the most renowned of missionaries. But their job became easier in independent India as our rulers, political parties put them on a pedestal and gave them all sorts of facilities. It was with the assistance of the government that the 3Leftist historians targeted ‘Brahmanvad’. Due to promotion of this falsehood and allround propaganda Hinduvadi organisations also forgot Swami Vivekananda who said, “The ideal man of our ancestors was the Brahmin. In all our books stands out prominently this ideal of the Brahmin… In India, on the other hand, the greatest princes seek to trace their descent to some ancient sage who dressed in a loin-cloth, lived in a forest eating roots and studying the Vedas. It is there that the Indian prince goes to trace his ancestry.”

Sangh-BJP forgot and forsook this noble heritage in flagrantly supporting the establishment of Mandal Commision(1979) and then brazenly accepting its report. That report is filled with anti-Brahman propaganda of missionaries which has been the main rationale of its recommendations. Even our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi too ended up saying that Brahmans will have to atone for ‘centuries of oppression’. In this manner, a white lie constructed by missionaries became the official secular, socialist and nationalist gospel truth of the Indian government. Such triumph was not achieved by missionaries even during British rule.

The British restrained the missionaries while the Indian rulers gave them a free run.
As a result, the dupery of missionaries is expanding throughout India unbridled.
Putting photos of Jesus-Mary in Hindu temples, constructing churches in the fashion
of Hindu temple architecture to defraud and convert innocent Hindus, treating a
disease using medicines but crediting it to the grace of Jesus, disrespecting Hindu
Gods and Goddesses and calling them powerless, by lending money or providing
admission to missionary schools, etc. they are adopting all dubious means to break and
divide the HIndu society. Our representatives in power know everything. But they have
been blinded by their greed for power and are increasing special minority rights that is
equal to sawing off the branch they’re sitting on.

Translated from the original article:

“चर्च-मिशनरियों का ब्राह्मण-विरोध” by Shankar Sharan

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