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We at the Centre for Indic Studies believe that promoting and preserving Indic civilizational consciousness is a collective duty and everyone who contributes towards fulfilling this duty deserves our support and acknowledgement. Hence, we would like for you to check out the following websites and show support to various individuals and institutions who are contributing in their own unique ways towards serving and strengthening the cause of Sanatana Dharma.

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Indic Knowledge System

Indic Knowledge System is a collective quest of a very wide range of themes by Indians. Since the dawn of our civilization, Indians have been inquisitive and engaged in open-minded enquiry of issues ranging from numbers, language, planets, matter to mind, health, ecology and so on. Their quest took them from the minutest particles to the grand scheme of cosmos; from consciousness to matter; from music to language; from pragmatic issues to the ultimate reality.

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CIS organises several academic events across the year to promote Indic Knowledge Systems and spread awareness about Indic civilization. These events include conferences, discussions, talks, workshops and practical demonstrations by eminent scholars and artists. We invite scholars and researchers from different parts of India and abroad with expertise in various domains of Indic Knowledge System.

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Dance performance by Sriradha Paul

26th ISTE


Indic Books

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Indus University Press

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Indic Talks

Indic Talks broadcasts high quality lectures and talks pertaining to various aspects of Indian civilization...

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Indic Varta

Welcome to our e-magazine portal! In an attempt to keep you engaged and stay regular, the Indic Varta seeks to expand your knowledge and remain updated...

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