The Making of Ramayana – Mark Tully on Ramanand Sagar’s Epic Creation

August 10, 2020 Authored by: Mark Tully

While taking an interview of Moti Sagar (the youngest son of Ramayana’s director Ramananda Sagar), the author comments on the technical deficiencies of Ramayana:

Q: “Were you confident that the audience would want to see something as essentially unreal as your violence?”

A: “We were, but we knew that we would be attacked by the elite. After all, the Ramayana is about everything that the elite doesn’t like and considers awful – religion, superstition, women obeying their husbands, dynastic rule.”

The Sagars’ judgement proved right. The popularity of the Ramayana itself became legendary. At first I thought it was just an attempt to imitate Hindi movie versions of the epic on television. But after a few episodes the taxi-drivers from the rank opposite my house would knock on the door every Sunday morning to ask if they could watch the Ramayana. They had never asked to see any other television programme, and their enthusiasm made me take it more seriously. I became a fan – to the disgust of almost all my friends, because of course it’s fashionable to rubbish the Sagars’ Ramayana.

Then reports started appearing in the press about the impact of Ramayana. An electricity substation was burnt down by viewers enraged that a power cut had robbed them of one episode. New cabinet ministers asked for their swearing-in ceremony to be delayed so that they could watch the Ramayana. As one critic said, “The last thing a politician would normally do is to delay his swearing-in, for fear that the PM might change his mind.” A bride was missing at the auspicious time for her wedding, because it clashed with the Ramayana. The wife of a senior Indian bureaucrat told me that one of India’s great transcontinental expresses she was travelling on was delayed while the passengers and crew sat on the platform at Gwalior watching the Ramayana on the station’s television monitors.

Commenting on Ramananda Sagar, Ghosh said: “His great success was that he presented the thing as a Ram Lila. If you see people when they are at a Ram Lila, no matter how rustic the performance is, they are rapt. You are really involved in the enactment – its kind of expiation of everything inside you. It doesn’t matter how many times you see it. It’s like reciting a mantra – the more times you say, “Ram nam satya hai”, the more you are spiritually uplifted. In the villages, you can’t say that the Ram Lila is entertainment, because entertainment is much more sophisticated than that nowadays. It’s part of a ritual.”

While watching the shooting of Ramayana the writer once went to its sets: Ramananda Sagar was sitting cross-legged under a banyan tree in front of a garlanded picture of the goddess Durga. Beside him stood a Brahmin reciting Sanskrit mantras for the first of the nine days of the festival of the goddess of destruction. A temple bell for summoning the goddess hung on a rope from a branch. Actors, technicians, cooks and cleaners stood in a semicircle around Ramananda Saga. Although Durga was the consort of Shiva, the markings on the forehead of the Brahmin showed that he belonged to a sect, which worshipped Vishnu. In Christianity that would be rather like asking a Protestant pastor to celebrate the Mass, but devotees of Shiva and Vishnu do not allow their differences to come between them. In this respect Hinduism is a generous and broadminded religion, as it is indeed in its attitude to other faiths.

My feeling is that Sagar’s Ramayana has succeeded because, in spite of whatever faults it might have, it is very Indian, and people are looking for that.

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    AvalonBay’s leasing agreement necessary that Bailey’s Crossroads Community Shelter be vacated by Mar. 1, 2017, Leaving short amount of time for Fairfax County to relocate the facility.

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    The county completed the property purchase on Sept. 14, 2016, while using Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services.

    In an additional stroke of luck, AvalonBay ended its agreement for the Moncure Avenue property, And the county negotiated a new land swap deal with the developer Columbia Crossing, Which was fascinated with acquiring property on Moncure Avenue for new housing and office buildings.

    The deal authorized by the Board of Supervisors, Which Fairfax County launched on Mar. 1, 2017, arrangement an Oct. 31, 2019 deadline for vacating the Bailey’s Crossroads social Shelter, Giving the county enough time to set up a permanent facility on the Seminary Road site.

    “The stars aligned and we were able to identify connected with location, Which had not been available before, And it was in a good location, low said. “Now we have this beautiful new shelter close to transport, a position, County alternatives. There’s a park a very few feet away,

    With a final budget of about $17 million funded through a 2016 human services and community design bond, Bailey’s Shelter and loyal Housing is a 23,000 square foot facility with 52 emergency shelter beds for single adults, Including four medical respite beds for those who need medical services but are not sick enough to be admitted into a hospital.

    have been previously only four medical respite beds in the entire county.

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    The new Bailey’s Shelter has an information technology room that can be used to teach clients digital literacy, that is part of a host of life skills classes that Patrician hopes to organize. His other programs ideas include art therapy, English and Spanish speech classes, Musical acts, physical exercise, And bingo.

    The building also has interview rooms that are separate from the admin offices, So personnel can talk to clients in a more private setting.

    but unfortunately, The prolonged term, Supportive apartment units are what most distinguish Bailey’s Shelter from not only its predecessor, But also the five other emergency shelters in Fairfax County.

    Fairfax County supervisors adopted a 10 year plan to prevent and end being homeless on Mar. 31, 2008 that emphasised placing people in permanent housing, Rather than taking them into shelters.

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